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  1. Issues with support

    Hey, Recently i have been having alot of issues with the IPB software, updates have broken my forums every update for the past 5 updates and obviously when these things go wrong i look to turn to the company that produces the software the company i pay a subscription for support. I used to get responses within an hour of posting my ticket and the response would feel like they really wanted to help me, i can't say this is the case now, tickets i have been submitting recently have a very rushed non helpful feel to them, they have been short sentences not even relevant to my question and always trying to direct me in the wrong direction to get things fixed, there seems to be no hands on help anymore and as someone not very computer savvy this comes as a massive disappointment to me. The strange thing about this is i see people every now and then praising the support for helping them do things i have been refused help with in the past, i am not sure if my account has some black mark on it or if i am just unlucky with my pick of support representatives but i am not happy with the level of support i receive and i feel if i don't voice this opinion then nothing will change. Thanks.
  2. Text Editor not working at all!!!

    This is happening to mobile users on our forums.
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Here's mine, suffering from really bad loading times at the moment though.
  4. Recent Topics

    I would love to see a new version of this for ipb4, the integrated one is faulty and slows the forums down.
  5. I believe they do, well mine did.