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  1. Mobile Create Content

    the best plugin tool for my mobile users. very handy and now much easier for creating or uploading. 5 star
    awesome thanks soo muchhhh
  2. add image button for mobile users its hard to find sometimes for new users. Coz it goes down after all catgories images. Could u please change the button place for mobile users on top same as create new topic.   
  3. notification are not hightlight which are actually not checked or clicked..  in view all notification page its fine it shows bold text .. but it should be fixed here to to highlight unread notification so we can know which one we checked . sometimes there r so many and its hard to find which 1 we checked . here is the screenshot
  4. Youtube media tag

    youtube and dailymotion links are not embeding just showing links .. is there any settings or what ? can someone help me out please .. i installed plugins too.  pasted simple link in editor or by plugin . both showing me player in editor ..  but when i submit post it shows only links.. need help please  
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    From the album Test Album

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  7. Somewhere in wales

    From the album Test Album

  8. Memories of UK

    From the album Test Album

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    From the album Test Album

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