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  1. I am already at 2500 posts lol. but some members got loads more..
  2. i noticed.. shame.. nudged it up to 1000limit and 5000 days helped a bit but still missing posts when i search on my name.. :(
  3. Are there any solutions for this? i also noticed that in the user profile area's it only shows messages and postings from today?
  4. Where did 'Disable Quick Reply' go?

    yup that would be cool.. not sure if that is possible with that editor.. I know that years ago you could on image-upload in fck-editor.. :) but that was a bit of a security risk then.
  5. Where did 'Disable Quick Reply' go?

    I actually would like to see the upload function in the quick reply.. I always get the same question about how to upload an image.. bla bla bla--- more reply options -- bla bla bla.. and yes i made an upload image topic.. but still members are lazy and I would love to assist them by having an upload function in the quick reply box :) anyone?
  6. Archive?

    where? i cant find them in my phpadmin I can find the _ccs database records but no articles.. hmmm dang found them ccs_custom_database_1 lol ok now I am getting somewhere ;)
  7. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    Buy another pc that should fix your 3.5 turn spins :smile: And i am looking forward to the 3.3 release, hopefully the on-line list bug is solved too
  8. Classifieds

    thanxs going there now :)
  9. Classifieds

    I have a problem with the 'Personal Photo' showing up to big when viewing an advert, is there a way to force the width of this image?