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  1. [Missing] Gallery under "Insert Other Media"

    Does this mean the problem of moving to the next/prev image in the Gallery lightbox will be addressed in 4.2?
  2. Thank you @Lindy, I had the same idea and was trying to figure out the rewrite rules. With the help of this code and a few tweaks I managed to redirect the URLs. It's now a double 301 redirect but I hope Google won't mind.
  3. Converter has redirect scripts in place that work great but they forgot about a large part of vBulletin which is the text only versions of pages. Google indexes them and you lose a bunch of backlinks (100.000+ in my case) if you don't take care of the redirects properly. The redirect scripts for IPB4 have this so it's basically jsut a small tweak for someone who knows what he's doing. Can't imagine why it wasn't done for IPB3 too when they noticed it was missing.
  4. What is the difference? They are a critical part when converting to IPB from a different software provider. Something that should be as simple and troublefree as possible since it brings new clients.
  5. Maybe it would be better to say IPB3 is already unsupported. Trying to convert to IPB3 but support basically told me that they don't care if after conversion I lose 100.000 Google backlinks. IPB3 converters redirect scripts are missing a key feature for redirecting a large chunk of old vBulletin URLs. It's a simple fix but support points me to IPB4. Nevermind that IPB4 converters are beta and unsupported. Nevermind that I spent months modifying IPB3 to server my community. If IPB3 is still supported like this site says, an issue like this should be resolved. If it is in effect already unsupported, just tell it straight and save everyone involved the time.
  6. What is the point of activity stream?

    @Adriano Faria I actually tried that same filter but I see you used the condensed view and that looks much cleaner. But this would be useful if it could be added as a permanent link for all users not just as a personal AS. Can that be done (even the condensed view setting)? I think I understand what IPS wanted to do with the AS but it's still very rough around the edges. Trying to display all the activities (Board, Blogs, Gallery etc.) on one page is mission impossible. Having tabs or a similar solution would enable different views for different content types. Or maybe just group the activities by content type. And if the user wants to see all the new topics or all the new images added, expand that section.
  7. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    @Lindy, speaking for myself it would give me much more peace of mind to know in which direction IPB4 is heading. If a feature is missing or executed badly but is planned to be overhauled or reintroduced in the near future that would be great to know. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feelst this way. There used to be a list of features that are going to be developed (I think users could even vote for the next feature they wanted) but it's gone now. Why? My main frustration with IPB4 isn't so much the lack of features (I actually agree with the less is more concept) but that certain things have been suggested so many times but are always ignored. I remember when IPB4 Gallery was still in its very early stage and numerous suggestions were made about how it should work and admins complained it makes it difficult for users to browse the albums and how the competition does it better. Or how cool it would be to be able to post images by copy pasting them directly into the editor. Other software like Atlassian Confluence have this feature so it can't be rocket science to develop it. If feedback like this would be taken seriously and IPB4 improved while staying lightweight that would make me an IPB4 believer. At the state it is now, IPB4 is in my eyes still just a less reliable IPB3 Lite version. What is so groundbreakingly new in IPB4 from the user's point of view? Fast forward to now, the same problems reported long ago are still there. No link to open the lightbox by clicking the gallery image (why on earth is it a separate button?), no way to move to the next image within the lightbox. These are the things that were suggested long ago. OK, you say you listen but still some fundamental user experience errors are there or at best suggestions go unaddressed. You did reply to me in another topic and said you will address the lightbox navigation issue but going by your record so far, I highly doubt that I will see that happen soon. And these are suggestions how to make things more intuitive (IP.Content anyone?) not requests to make IPB4 bloated with trivial features. I am complaining because I know you do read these posts and I appreciate that. I may annoy the h*** out of you but my intentions are to make IPB better. If I didn't care, I would go away. There are beter ways to spend one's time. Sorry for the rant but I'm just trying to convey my frustration with seeing so many things stay the same for a long time or get broken (hover topic preview is useless, Activity Stream is beta at best as far as usability is concerned and forced instead of VNC). So yes, it's still a long way before IPB4 will fill the shoes of IPB3 in my book. Hopefully before April 1st, 2017.
  8. What is the point of activity stream?

    @Lindy since you asked, I would like to know how I can get a list of topics with new (unread posts). When I come to visit the board, I want to know which topics have new replies since my last visit. I don't care for individual posts and I don't understand why I should even see each specific post that has been made. Busy boards can have 1.000+ new posts each day. Do you really expect a visitor that comes back to the board 24 hours later to go through an endless stream of individual posts to see what is new? What would you suggest to that user to stop complaining about the loss of overview he had with VNC?
  9. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Reading all this feedback gives me the impression that IPB4 is some sort of experiment and not a carefully planned new version. It's like: "Let's try if this works. Maybe we'll add this feature back later if enough people complain etc." I would expect more thought would have been put into this and some research done in advance as to what are the fundamental features people look for and love about IPB. This site itself also gives the impression of an unfinished product. The design is poor, there are too many different shades of blue (looks like someone made a mistake and used a lighter shade of blue for the right column). Nothing about it strikes me as modern or something I would install and use out of the box. It's bland. It's like IPB3 was a Mercedes S class with all the bells and whistles but it's successor (IBP4) is going back to basics and facing questions like do we even need 4 wheels or is 3 enough for this car. Yes, it has some cool features but it's like hit and miss. Some things are great and others are totally useless and annoy the board admins. I don't agree with @Lindy that people will speak up if they don't like something and that if only a few admins complain, it obivously isn't a big issue. I think most admins that are disappointed simply leave. Like I did when I left vBulletin. When you see no use about complaining since it won't change anything, you simply leave. And most admins don't even frequent this board or leave feedback. The few vocal users should be taken more seriously, if they agree on something. If they say their communities suffered when they upgraded to IPB4, that should sound a loud alarm with IPB.
  10. I've read a lot of topics criticising the activity stream feature and I find it utterly unuserfriendly as well. What was the logic behind this change? It seems like a case where someone was trying to fix something that already worked and made it worse. Like Microsoft and the whole Windows 8 debacle. Activity stream may be useful for a low traffic board and works on Facebook where you only get certain "posts" in your stream. But what is the point of having an activity stream on a high traffic board? It's so clumsy at what it should be doing. Instead of letting you know which topics have new posts so you can get up to date, you face an endless stream of new posts (often from one and the same topic). Basically what I'm asking si how the h**** should I be using this feature to help me browse the board? It obviously isn't doing its job properly but I'll allow the possibility that I'm just not using it as it was intended. Can anyone help me understand this thing better? And why we can't simlpy have a choice of both (the old new content list and activity stream)? This way it just seems it was forced onto users.
  11. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    Reading all the topics complaining about IPS4 I don't get the impression of a stable product. Features from 3.4 missing and reports of IPS4 communities complaining about disliking the new system doesn't give me a good vibe. I'd rather be reading about people being happy when switching to IPS4. That would be a much stronger incentive to upgrade than forcing me to do so in order to keep the support. This announcement about end of support gives me the impression that it is a way to force as many people as possible to move to IPS4 but the product is still far from being mature. I guess there aren't enough IPS4 adopters.
  12. @Lindy I'm starting to get the impression this issue is being ignored by your team intentionally. This specific problem has been mentioned before but never received a comment from you. Here are two other topics pointing out the same strange behavior I mentioned in my original post. Surely you agree the way it works now is confusing? Is it an architecture problem and IPB 4 simply can't solve this issue that seems so trivial to fix?  
  13. When you view images from a specific album, you click on the enlarge button to open the larger sized image in the lightbox but there is no button inside the lightbox to move to the next or previous image in the album. Instead you have to close the lightbox, move to the next image and reopen the lightbox. If you use the left/right key on your keyboard while the lightbox is open, only the image behind the lightbox (the smaller version) changes but the image inside the lightbox remains the same. This is such a big UI fail. If Gallery knows how to change the image behind the lightbox, why not change the image inside the lightbox as well? It seems such a trivial fix that would greatly improve the Gallery browsing experience. Lightbox has this feature when you're viewing images posted inside a post but not in the gallery itself when viewing images of a specific album? This can't be intentional behavior?
  14. Support for Test sites

    ​In my experience practice is somewhat different and it doesn't matter if it is a bug or not since you are dismissed before anyone even reads what your ticket is about, if support thinks your site is a test installation. Also this site mentions you receive no support whatsoever for your test installation. I think it is a strange limitation. If you allow one test installation, why not support it? I'm the same user having problems with the main installation or test installation. If anything I would think you are more likely to stumble upon a problem when starting to use the product. After a while you know your way around and require less support. Let's be honest why this restriction is in place. It's to limit the amount of support IPS receives and makes the customer jump an extra hoop to get support in hope he gives up and doesn't bother them anymore. The correct approach (IMO) would be to have good documentation and FAQ section so support agents can redirect the client to the online tutorial/help. That way the support agent could already reply using a pre-defined reply for that specific issue. Or better yet place some kind of a search feature for the help section so the user can search for the error he receives and encourage the users to do that before posting the support ticket. That way support would be able to support test installations and spend less time replying to tickets that can be solved with good documentation while having more time to focus on support tickets that actually let IPS know of new bugs. At the moment my impression is support is not very well organised or maybe a better word would be optimized. I don't mean that they don't have the knowledge because they absolutely do and have resolved all my issues so far but the fact that I often get asked questions about the issue I have already written in the support ticket itself tells me they must be overwhelmed with support requests. Making use of IPS's programming skills to offer a solution that would minimze the amount of support seems like a logical idea to me. IPS offers a great product but there are a few things that seem to stay a certain way in spite of clients giving them feedback that it should be handled in a different way. I can think of IP.Content as a good example. It's a great product that allows you to do a lot but it just lacks a few more default example blocks out of the box to make it more user friendly. I can't count the number of times it has been suggested to make it friendlier for newbies but nothing was done about it. This is again a part of the user experience that would greatly improve with a better tutorial/documentations section with more hands-on (real life) examples. I hope after IP.Board v4 becomes a more mature product, more focus will be put on issues like these to improve the customer experience and in effect raise the product's popularity and IPS's sales and profits.
  15. Support for Test sites

    Could not agree more. I don't understand it either. I asked through a support ticket how I could get support for a test v4 installation and didn't get a reply. Going by this logic you would have to buy another licencse and install v4 on that 2nd license as your main installation so you could receive support. Sounds stupid but I guess that's the only way.