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  1. Support for Test sites

    ‚ÄčIn my experience practice is somewhat different and it doesn't matter if it is a bug or not since you are dismissed before anyone even reads what your ticket is about, if support thinks your site is a test installation. Also this site mentions you receive no support whatsoever for your test installation.I think it is a strange limitation. If you allow one test installation, why not support it? I'm the same user having problems with the main installation or test installation.If anything I would think you are more likely to stumble upon a problem when starting to use the product. After a while you know your way around and require less support.Let's be honest why this restriction is in place. It's to limit the amount of support IPS receives and makes the customer jump an extra hoop to get support in hope he gives up and doesn't bother them anymore.The correct approach (IMO) would be to have good documentation and FAQ section so support agents can redirect the client to the online tutorial/help. That way the support agent could already reply using a pre-defined reply for that specific issue. Or better yet place some kind of a search feature for the help section so the user can search for the error he receives and encourage the users to do that before posting the support ticket. That way support would be able to support test installations and spend less time replying to tickets that can be solved with good documentation while having more time to focus on support tickets that actually let IPS know of new bugs.At the moment my impression is support is not very well organised or maybe a better word would be optimized. I don't mean that they don't have the knowledge because they absolutely do and have resolved all my issues so far but the fact that I often get asked questions about the issue I have already written in the support ticket itself tells me they must be overwhelmed with support requests.Making use of IPS's programming skills to offer a solution that would minimze the amount of support seems like a logical idea to me.IPS offers a great product but there are a few things that seem to stay a certain way in spite of clients giving them feedback that it should be handled in a different way. I can think of IP.Content as a good example. It's a great product that allows you to do a lot but it just lacks a few more default example blocks out of the box to make it more user friendly. I can't count the number of times it has been suggested to make it friendlier for newbies but nothing was done about it. This is again a part of the user experience that would greatly improve with a better tutorial/documentations section with more hands-on (real life) examples.I hope after IP.Board v4 becomes a more mature product, more focus will be put on issues like these to improve the customer experience and in effect raise the product's popularity and IPS's sales and profits.
  2. Support for Test sites

    Could not agree more. I don't understand it either.I asked through a support ticket how I could get support for a test v4 installation and didn't get a reply. Going by this logic you would have to buy another licencse and install v4 on that 2nd license as your main installation so you could receive support. Sounds stupid but I guess that's the only way.
  3. I thought @theblackelk posted a pretty specific description of the problem and what he thinks would solve the problem. How much more specific can you get?
  4. Thumbnails in IP4.0 Abysmal

    I pointed out this issue on the IPS4 demo board since this holds true for all IPS applications.Even user's avatars and photos are only resized in HTML while the actual photos are larger. My attachment in this post shows the real size of images displayed as avatars in this topic. Instead of creating actural smaller versions of the photos, the images are just resized in HTML. Not only does this use more bandwdith and longer load times but the images resized in HTML look worse than if they were actually resized. The edges are more rough. Resizing images only in HTML to use as thumbnail has been a no-no since forever so I am surprised about IPS' decision for this solution.I ran into a similar issue in IP.Content v3 when I added an article image and wanted to have a thumbnail version of that image (to use in the Recent articles block for example). There was no option for this and I doubt there is one in the new version.Even in IP.Gallery v4 the images displayed as thumbnails are just full size images resized in HTML.This causes more bandwidth usage and slower page load times.I think every image upload in any of the IPS applications should be resized to smaller versions right away and be available for use throughout the entire community. The admin could set the preferred thumbnail sizes. The screenshot @opentype posted from his Wordpress blog is exactly what I'm talking about. Create thubmnails right away and have the option to use them any time.From what I've seen so far, IPS 4 is a rewrite of the code with basically the same features as v3 and I understand the authors are proud of it but as a user I expect it to be as good or better than competing software that has great features which are missing from IPS4 or are much more awkward in IPS than they should be.Sometimes trying to reinvent something that has already been solved is not the best idea. IPS should copy more solutions and features from other software and improve on that.
  5. I really like these suggestions. I'm surprised they haven't been implemented in almost 3 years. It's strange there are 6 settings for date format and none of those effects the birthday date format. This must be an easy fix so I can't understand why it hasn't been implemented already. Why is birthday so special that we can't edit the date format?
  6. Emoticons in signatures

    Hey guys, I opened a support ticket about this and Mark replied it is a bug and reported it here: http://community.inv...gnatures-r38652 The bug has been confirmed by Andy so I guess we can expect this feature to start working in one of the next releases. :smile: Thanks goes to Lucy Heartfilia for pointing out the blog post mentioning this feature. :thumbsup:
  7. Emoticons in signatures

    Why can't we have emoticons in signatures IPS?
  8. PM Archiving in Bulk? No a feature; How to?

    I second that. Why not make a simple option to archive the conversations as a normal TXT file? If vBulletin can have this option, I don't understand why IP.Board can't.
  9. I tried searching but couldn't find a topic discussing this issue. I think the username location in the topic view is really out of place. The username is in a separate row, not even aligned with the avatar and other user related information. I think the suggested version below would make much more sense. Whenever I'm interested in finding out who the post author is, I keep catching myself looking above the avatar. I know this can be easily fixed with a template modification but I was wondering what the reasoning behind this is. It seems such an awkward location for the username. Am I the only one who sees this as an issue?
  10. I really like the entry image feature but I'm missing the option where I could specify the size of the entry image on the blog's frontpage as well as the size of the entry image in the blog post itself. Also there is no way to include an attached image into the blog post and make its thumbnail a different size than the default attachment thumbnail size. Let me explain in more detail: I'd like the option to specify the size of the entry image on the blog's frontpage. By default the image is 100 px wide which is too small. Since I want to use a fixed width layout, it would be great to be able to select the max or specific width of the entry image. See example below. Then when a user clicks on the read Read full entry button and goes to the blog post itself, the entry image is currently a different size (again no way to specify the max width). Also when you attach images, you can only specify one thumbnail size. This becomes a problem when you want to insert the attached image into the blog text. While it makes sense to have 100px thumbnails at the bottom of the blog post, it makes no sense to insert a 100px thumbnail into the blog text. There should be an option to specify the width of the attached image thumbnail that is included in the blog post (best for each image separately). In my example below the entry image (red car on top) and the attached thumbnail inside the post (red car in the middle) are the same size while the attached images (green car) which aren't included in the post are still the smaller thumbnail size. Currently there is no way to do this.To sum up what I propose: - add the option to specify the dimensions of entry images on the blog frontpage - add the option to specify the dimensions of entry images in the blog posts - add the option to specify the dimensions of the attached image thumbnail that is included in the blog post (perhaps even make it so that you can set different size thumbnail for each included image) - keep the option to specify the dimensions of the thumbnails of attached images not included in the blog post separately
  11. Thanks for your help. Can anyone else help me out with the other questions?
  12. 1.) Is it possible to make IP.Blog the homepage of the community? -> IP.Blog -> IP.Board -> IP.Calendar etc. 2.) What is the difference between IP.Content and IP.Blog? Doesn't IP.Blog basically do the same job as IP.Content? I'm looking for something to replace Joomla and the closest substitute Invision Power offers appears to be IP.Blog. Please, correct me, if I'm wrong. 3.) Is there a way to include a photo in the preview (teaser) of the blog article (on the main page)? 4.) What is the URL of a blog article, if it's located in multiple categories? 5.) I want to include a gallery of photos in a blog article like seen at the bottom of the article at (Wordpress). What is the easiest way to do it? It's nice that all the thumbnails are the same size no matter the original photo size oz dimensions (portrait or landscape). Is there way to do that in IP.Blog? 6.) I assume it's not a problem to include blocks on the blog page which display the latest comments, posts, threads etc.? Any limits to what blocks that can be or is there a default list of blocks available? 7.) When someone posts a comment to a blog article, is that comment visible on the View New Content page so that moderators can see there is new content that needs to be checked? 8.) I'm currently hosting a vBulletin forum on a subdomain - for example Is it possible to switch to IP.Board and have the forum located at while having redirects from to the new address?