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  1. I'll renew my license only when this is implemented. At the moment the editor is the worst I've ever had.
  2. IPB twitterer

    Again no update and not working anymore on 3.3.
  3. IPB twitterer

    You demand $9 every 6 months but you haven't updated the plugin since I bought it over 6 months ago.
  4. Thanks for your simple tut on Flowplayer. It is very appreciated.

  5. I've found it, this is it: Open admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/forums.php Look for: //----------------------------------------- // Get main topics //----------------------------------------- Add below: $sort_key = 'state DESC, '.$sort_key; That's it. Thanks to I30 (~Im4eversmart) for this code.
  6. I'd like to have my closed topics underneath all open topics, how can we achieve this? I had it on 3.0.5 but I don't remember how, on 3.1.2 it doesn't do a thing. It's very ugly having locked topics in between open ones.
  7. Force edited by note after X mins?

    I've found the function, but not the grace period. Any help is welcome!
  8. Force edited by note after X mins?

    I'm looking for this function too. For the time being always show edited by (and no option to switch it off) would be nice too.
  9. Global Forum Message