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  1. Embed Attached MP3 Files

    We had the same problem with our podcast. We use to just paste the mp3 url and it would embed automatically in V3. That stopped working in V4. I opened a ticket for it and they gave our tech guy some work arounds. We can not upload mp3 and it embeds but unfortunately i don't know how they did it exactly. I would check with support.
  2. Mod options

  3. IPB 4 upgrade?

    We just upgraded and I highly recommend it! The new functionality is great and the modern design has our members really happy.
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!
  5. Permissions for blocks?

    Oh I like this. Would love to add the sidebar to all the pages for guests. 
  6. Mobile Feedback

    We just upgraded to IPB 4 and the early feedback is positive. We did get a few users that said the mobile skin was hard to read. One guy is a UI Designer and he gave this feedback which we wanted to pass along. Can the post count, join date etc be removed when someone is viewing on mobile?  Thanks.
  7. WordPress IPS Connect on IPS 4

    I won't be upgrading to IPB 4 until we have a working solution for this either.
  8. Hey a Jets fan site beats the Ravens official site post wise. Not bad. :)
  9. Why create your own Framework?

    I don't have my internet hand book in front of me, but are you allowed to post after your previous post ended with farewell? :)
  10. IPB Support is great. I have never had a problem with Support at all.
  11. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    We are looking to have a new forum thread created for every new Wordpress post...and have the forum posts for that thread appear at the bottom of the Wordpress post.  Like blog that what this does? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Rhett. Was wondering about this myself. :)
  13. Our users have asked about being able to automatically search posts by users in a thread. Basically when you click the post count for a thread, it brings up the # of posts by each user in that thread. They want to be able to click on the # next to each user and it would bring up just those posts. We would like this feature to be added if possible. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Rhett! And the Jets seem to be going somewhere this year, it just doesn't seem to be anywhere good. :)
  15. Thanks Rhett. I updated the ticket tonight we have crashed a few times the past day or so and are currently down again now. Really hope it gets resolved soon...