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  1. Import Wordpress

    Sorry to rejuvenate an old thread, but here's a question that's opposite: I have IPB board installed. I now want to import all the topics into a Wordpress format. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. New Mobile skin coming soon

    On BB's main browser, it doesn't work. On BB's opera mini, it shows me just one dropdown with "IP.Board Mobile" displayed with the "Go" button. When I click on the Go button, I keep coming back to the same page. What am I missing? My site is on an HTTPS (secure) server. Is this an issue?
  3. New Mobile skin coming soon

    Can we automate it to work with, say, Blackberry too? On my server it doesn't work.
  4. Mobile Skin Now Online

    Great stuff. Can I download it right now even before 3.1?