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  1. Suggestion: Payment Links

  2. Suggestion: CSV Upload members

    May have been mentioned elsewhere, but this would be a great tool for many communities especially for educational institutions like ours that need to upload new students each year. My current work-around solution is to use CBJuice by Community Builder (that uploads CSVs) into a fresh Joomla install and then convert members into Invision. I am curious if anyone else is doing something similar?
  3. The new IPS 3.2 Community forums are a little bit sexy...

  4. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Calendar Improvements, Part III: RSVP

    Facebook integration would be phenomenal, save pestering users twice. If they're separate then Facebook will have to remain the default (just because everyone uses it, and for sigh-on) shame they couldn't make it look nice. I'm sure it's horribly tricky too!