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  1. I find it works much better now Lindy... it embeds instantly no matter what is on the line... flawlessly so far... have not had an error. A few questions. I can't "paste as plain text" as it always pastes the hyperlink and embeds. Should it be able to post as text and not link or embed? I did try using the link icon to link it instead of embedding and that works great, just wondering about text as some may need the ability to post a link that is not active. Embedding a post works the same (fast and embeds no matter what is on the line) but I was getting used to using the links as part of sentences and that stopped the embedding and now it embeds. Do you think embeds should still work if text is on the line? I guess it may just take getting used to now, and again, use the link icon for the hyperlink when needed. Probably better this new way. When you embed a post it adds a double space after it, which, if the embed is the last thing posted, adds wasted space to the post unless you use backspace. This doesn't happen when you post a YT video but you can't click below it at all to start to type. So maybe some happy medium between the two, only add the lines when you click, or allow the ability to click to the right of the embed (video in this case) and hit enter for a new line (which currently doesn't work). But great improvements, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the update. I would love to see reputation enhanced as that has its own limitations when it comes to determining worth. So looking forward to seeing where that goes. And the clarification of the count in the author pane and breakdown, respectively, will aid in clearing up confusion and offer more digestible information to those that find it useful. I would like to see the related app count in the author pane for the app they are in (the way search works), and the total/breakdown on the profile page, but all in all, good stuff.  
  3. Wiki-like-editing is useless at this moment

    Really need this. With an expansive database this could fill up with not only malicious info but erroneous info you do not approve of. We have editors for such approvals that will research the changes, this is really needed for a clean and professional database or records.
  4. Black Friday Promotion

  5. In March @Lindy said: Was wondering when this is returning? The author pane for forums still says "Posts" which is highly confusing since it is content, plus members use post count often to announce how long they have been on the site using these mile markers, but uploading 500 images is throwing it all off. Members gauge other members based on post count. Plus promotions based on posts are useful, etc. Thanks!
  6. Registered user cannot login

    Same app renamed.
  7. Registered user cannot login

    Try the 5 day demo, unfortunately the Guides are empty for Commerce. If you have any questions post back, I use Nexus (Commerce).
  8. Registered user cannot login

  9. Registered user cannot login

    Commerce can do it you just create the product, and then force a product selection with registration, and offer those products. You don't have to force it either but you said you were paid only. 
  10. Registered user cannot login

    Use forum permissions to block those forums to registered members (non-paid). Also, to avoid non-paid new registrations, use Commerce to force a member subscription upon signup (to your paid group) and turn off admin validation.
  11. Protected forums display "no posts"

    I would try the bug tracker like Lindy said above.
  12. Recently Browsing is not really...

    I found one reason forums are always empty. If you are reading a topic for some odd reason you are not listed as being in that forum. But you didn't leave the forum, the topic is in the forum. You should still be listed as being in that forum. Like in 3.4.
  13. What would I edit to do this myself? Thanks!
  14. This site, Activity taking 8-10 seconds to load

    "Mark site read" brought it from 40 seconds to 4, still not zippy but seems to be related.  Never mind, back to 40....  Mark site read worked one. Now have to click it every time and still getting 10 second or longer results. Now time out white page. Admin feel free to log in as me. Click Activity.
  15. This site, Activity taking 8-10 seconds to load

    Activity is talking about 40 seconds now, or timing out with an error not able to load. Computer and phone.