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  1. My users hate the activity stream

    I get the confusion, I don't think the divider bars are needed at all. I'm not sure what purpose they serve. A stream with timestamps is enough. 11:59 is yesterday, 12:00 is today, so what, I only care about the content. 
  2. My users hate the activity stream

    Me either they only lead to bugs: The dividers are not needed, the timestamps are there. No one cares if a post was "Yesterday" if it was 11:59 pm. It's just a post, made at 11:59 pm. The "Last week" one is really confusing. Last week means before Sunday. Maybe they mean "This past week"? Let's just ditch those headers.
  3. What is the point of activity stream?

    Any idea of when this is coming? How about a "read more" in the stream that opens the full content with reply and like ability so we don't even have to leave the stream? Like FB. You can interact right there. You leave and come back and it's all different but that's why you interact there. On IPS we can't interact in the stream, nor can we return to our last place. It's frustrating. Is there an ETA? It probably needs a better solution than the back button. That's a lot of clicks if you replied to something. How about a "Return to stream" link? Click title, read, reply, click to return. Stream interaction would be great, maybe something for 4.2.
  4. Video Embeds to Gallery

    That can happen in any app and with images as well. Most people use Gallery to show their own content, if you are having a problem with this, I'd suggest moderation and/or clear rules.
  5. Video Embeds to Gallery

    Any movement on this @Lindy? I hate using forum categories as video channels. Any ETA on Gallery allowing video embeds, not just video uploads? I don't care to enable that. Thanks
  6. Woot! What about article/database comments are those the regular comment container? And not sure if you saw my question about reviews, are those the comment container as well? I'm not sure. Great work sir! And this is a modest fee, the cost of a cheap beer. Keep up the good work. One of the best mods out there because it fixes a seriously annoying problem.
  7. Not sure if this is retroactive, but even so, I'm more interested in the setting that removes the top and bottom and not the middle. Blogs and statuses have this issue too with members posting embeds, etc. Mostly the tailing line.  I could see having it not work with articles though, with databases and fields and such and someone might want the full white space setting on but to not affect articles with special formatting. But he didn't mention articles, only blogs and statuses for the future, possibly. Maybe gallery image body. Of course the biggest problem is the forum and comments of apps and this takes care of it brilliantly! One more question @motomac, will this work for reviews? They use the comment container correct?
  8. @motomac is the mod is retroactive, if not, will running the rebuild tool fix on all posts? (Not even sure if there is an IPS rebuild tool.) And does this changes posts in the db, or the look of posts only, like another mod that was posted using js? Thanks a lot!
  9. I will buy it when I finally upgrade. Thanks for creating it and taking suggestions.
  10. Recover deleted posts,

    In 3.4 you set the purge # of days in acp. And hidden posts were not purged, only "deleted." Worked perfectly.
  11. This mod looks like it will take care of posts and quotes and you can select top and bottom only, YES! Thanks @motomac! Does it work with all apps and status updates?
  12. Reporting A Member Profile

    Offensive material in the About Me section or on the profile. A company that signed up that sells pirated software. Spam suspect. Someone pretending to be you. Offensive display name. Reporting chat behavior. Report offensive off-site communication if you display your email. Plenty of reasons. A report logs it and sends to all staff, a PM is not for reporting. Why would this be removed? Also consider a user who wants to report another user may simply expect to report them from their profile even if it is for content, or general troublemaking. Especially since it was always there before.
  13. [4.1.0] Members list number of results

    The one lonely member is still at the bottom of every page, can this be fixed?
  14. Option to reset all members' passwords

    Suggestion aside, it's good to at least know what to do if this ever should arise, so either it being in core, a mod, or simply a tutorial would be a good thing. Being prepared is key. Would hate to be scrambling around trying to figure out what to do in this situation.