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  1. Ability to turn off post recount background process

    There should be a setting to use actual post count or how many they contributed. If a member has contributed 10K and you decide to purge 2K of his/her old posts, they still made those posts and many see it more as a contribution number. A physical delete of one post should subtract however, as that is usually spam or a double post. This can also affect user promotions or making people look like they are in the wrong group. Admin setting: When purging posts keep post count, or use inventory count. Something like that. Strangely, if you delete a post that was Liked, the Like number stays. But not the post count. Usually inconsistencies like this are seen as bugs. They do this, I think, for the very reason I stated. Because a post was Liked so it doesn't matter if it was removed or not. But you could say the same for the post contribution. How many posts have you made on this forum (no matter of deletion) is important to many members. In 3.4 this was possible, just never run the rebuild task.
  2. So they see it in their own posts but can't remove it? Yeah, that should be fixed. 
  3. So there is no account setting editing now, it's all frontend by clicking photo I guess. And a member could be locked out of changing or removing his/her pic if the group view setting changes, and not even know it is there. Would be a real issue if the pic was offensive, political, seasonal, etc. Is this correct? There has to be a way. Possibly if they are in a group that doesn't see, it hides theirs. Or add a way to see and delete.
  4. In an ideal situation I guess I'd say, a new shape or color for brand new, and then the first unread dot for going to where you left off. But then again, it's fine as is also, so not a huge deal. 
  5. I can see that. It could just enhance browsing by only being there for what we've read and has new posts. Dot = we've read already and by clicking we go to what we haven't read. Being on new posts takes away that benefit.  Just a thought.  
  6. The removal of dot on new content would let us know what we've read and the dot means has new content. Visually much better than having it on all new posts. If a topic is posted it is bold if unread, and has the blue dot, to got to 1st unread. In the forum this just takes you to post #1 as you have not read it. Is the blue dot really necessary? In the stream also, unless it is a post entry and not a topic (it is useful to get to the first post instead of the newest, serves as a "go to first post" in this case. But that is not its purpose. Could easily have a "got to first post" dot in this case or keep the functionality in stream.). I see it as redundant and also, if you just use it for content you have read already that has new posts, it's a nice marker to let you know you have read this topic before and it has new posts. and the dot takes you there. To the eye you could see what you have read and where to catch up. The way it is now everything new has a dot. Removing from new adds an easier way to catch up on content we were reading, and isn't that the point of it?  
  7. What happened to Popular Now / Hot Topics?

    Seems counter-intuitive since you visit the stream to see what is new/hot NOW and this goes away when it becomes older. Both would be nice but if I had to pick one I'd pick the stream. Forum broswing is different and when you click the title it goes to the beginning, stream, newest post, because it's all about new discovery. So we should know what is hot now.
  8. Now that each core product can be used individually we can do things like have the forum on, and the reviews on, but we can't link the groups. Can IPS share how they do it with (our Client Area) and That's two different domains but you link the Clients usergroup, etc. A tutorial would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  9. What happened to Popular Now / Hot Topics?

    I don't think it shows in the stream but it should. That actually makes more sense than showing in forum to me. But last I remember it doesn't. Have you seen it there before?
  10. I would like my premium members to also be premium on a sister site. Will the Connect function ever be able to map groups or should we request a mod?
  11. My ONLY concern about the Activity Stream...

    Fast for me. When was the last time you marked the site read? I wonder if old unread content can slow it down. 
  12. Will there be a "IPS Known Issues List"?!

    It was explained in each bug why it is not being fixed, I would suggest if you encounter any of them yourself you file a ticket and maybe they can come up with a solution for individuals, but as they stated: So if none of these are affecting you I would not worry about it.  
  13. I like to read the stream(s) for what's new and I've been using the browser back button to return to where I was in the stream which works until I "load more activity," and then the browser goes back to before it loaded. A "Back to stream" function would be great, or can that be fixed, so it goes back to what was loaded after the 1st results?  
  14. Similar Content - please add more options

    It would be really nice to be able to set in admin, sort by date or relevancy. Like search. Similar content is similar content, but I don't want it showing posts from 2006. Or limit to last (x) months, etc. so it still sorts by relevancy.