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  1. I'm aware of that also it's the same result (except you have a last post column), you don't see the tags like [4.1.8] [Closed] etc. and you see bugs from the Archived category. Ideally, I'd like to go to the tracker, Active Bugs, Sort, Bugs I posted... done. All the same info you see there already just sorted by your own.  
  2. Feature to prevent buddy liking

    It's a common thing, think of the way people use FB, you see a friend post something and you want to acknowledge it. So you Like it. For me that is not the problem. The problem is, it is the only determining factor for Reputation. Reputation needs an overhaul, and I can see your point about Popular Contributors. Maybe they weren't even contributing anything. We could use Helpful/Not helpful buttons also, that we could enable on a per-forum per-category basis, and these would have more weight than Likes for Contributions. Hoping some improvements are on the way, there was once something called Content Highlights planned, and Lindy has mentioned reputation improvements are on the way.
  3. Could you please add these sort filters to the Tracker? Forums has them for topics under Custom. I have a stream for my own bugs but it has NO information. Besides the bug that it does not list who last replied, it is just a list of the titles, my picture, no filter tags, no nothing. If we could sort in the Tracker I would see everything. Who last relied, if it is marked fixed, what version. As of now I have to click into bugs to find I already checked them, since I am using streams. Thanks PS. If this means Pages needs to be updated, please consider this a Pages suggestion and feel free to move.
  4. Video Embeds to Gallery

    I searched for this and noticed it is in Company Feedback, meaning it won't get looked at for a progress tag. Could this be moved to Product Feedback? Thanks
  5. Lindy, could this be tagged since it was logged? Thanks a lot.
  6. I know you are redoing the rep system so I thought I would revive this. A helpful vote should definitely count toward rep.
  7. Feature to prevent buddy liking

    I renamed the Reputation box to simply Likes, because that's all it is, the number of Likes received. I'll change it back if the system ever truly represents "reputation," which means it could be tied to how many times a member has been reported (false reports could be marked so they did not affect rep), warning points, temps bans, other options like "helpful/not helpful", and there is an algorithm that considers those all plus the number of likes received in any given period, and gives a grade or percentage. Like, This user's rep: B+. Until then it is just the number of Likes so that's what I call it.
  8. I plan to use closed tags and cut down on some sub-forums, much in the way IPS has their closed tags for Suite, Forums, Gallery, etc. 1. I would like to suggest when you enter a forum or content category and click Sort you can click Tags (and this only appear if using the closed system, otherwise it would be too many I think). This would be great for seeing all tags used in that area in a sorted list instead of clicking one tag and seeing just a list of that tag's content (which is for the whole site and not just that forum). 2. I would like to see some sort of tag menu bar showing all the tags used in that forum or content category. Basically an optional block for tags that is using the closed system, it would list them in a uniform menu format, and possibly (but not as much of a concern) if using the open system, in a tag cloud format. So when using closed system, at the top and/or bottom of the forum it looked like: [suite]    [forums]    [gallery]        in some sort of box and you can click a closed tag instead of trying to find a post with that tag to click, as it may not even be on that page (and as mentioned, tags show content from the whole site, and this could be for that area only if possible (or setting), but in general the block would be a great addition). 3. I'm hoping this is a bug and not something that won't be fixed, but tags do not show on mobile. This is a huge issue, the whole functionality of content discovery through tags is not possible on mobile for forums (but is for the other apps). Thank you!
  9. Disable topic preview in signatures

    If that setting made post and video embeds links, perfect. If it turned remote images into links, like legit images you allow certain groups via the image restrictions setting, that would be a problem if you did not allow uploads. If that was not affected, perfect.
  10. about the new Search Stream display format

      Agreed, the big picture problem is people will remove Gallery from their AS if they keep seeing annoying things like uploads of every single image as a singly listed content item from a batch upload. Gallery and Status Updates both need some presentation and delivery work, or members will create their own streams w/o them, and then we go back to the VNC where people only see forums. The best part about the AS is all content is seen, not just one app. So we need to make sure no one is being annoyed by the delivery.
  11. Disable topic preview in signatures

    Same for YT videos... should be links only in sigs. Or a setting to disable all embeds in sigs. (Except images but that could be controlled too.) That would cover both of these issues. Videos are a big problem, and post embeds, no need and take up too much space. You can't even tell that's a sig, I'd be tricked into thinking that was a reply.
  12. The point of using "Insert existing attachment" is so you don't have to reupload, and you are displaying (sharing) an already uploaded image. Great for users and server space as well.  In 3.4 this worked as intended. In 4.1 it is simply recreating/renaming the image as a duplicate! So why try to get our users to use this, to save our server space, when it is broken? This is a bug but marked "Future". I think it needs a little more attention, so posting in Feedback. "Future" sounds like it was put on the back burner. Here's the bug, thanks.
  13. Permissions per stream are missing so far

    All content is permission-based so for example, in All Activity, it is all activity you have permission to view. We don't see admin forums, for example. So how would you use this and wouldn't it have the potential to be a mess with permission conflicts per steam? So basically you want to turn it off or on for certain groups. ALL streams. I guess I can see that, for guests especially, but not much more. Maybe a guest on/off setting. Pretty sure they only have access to AA anyway. I could also see if a group does not have permission to any of the content in the stream, the title does not show for them, instead of them clicking the title to see nothing. This would be better than a setting, to me, to let permissions handle it. So a premium group stream, and you don't have to set any permissions. I see too many conflicts over oversights after you set something. I would like however the setting to deactivate a stream without having to delete it. For seasonal/special streams, let's say you had a Super Bowl stream.