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  1. Similar Content - please add more options

    It would be really nice to be able to set in admin, sort by date or relevancy. Like search. Similar content is similar content, but I don't want it showing posts from 2006. Or limit to last (x) months, etc. so it still sorts by relevancy. 
  2. The information can be better served than pages of our own pic and the star. There is no more last post column so it needs to be integrated.  If you show the last poster pic in A, the star does not become redundant (as in, of course we posted in our content) and you show additional information without taking up space. Then in D you show the last activity dates which then makes sense with the header "Today." Otherwise this looks like a bug that it shows old dates under Today. Just like browsing the forum where you see the star, your title, and the last poster image and date on the right, but in this case it would be on the left. "Content items, content, and reviews" works this way, but not "Content items only." It becomes redundant with less information than can be served in the same space.  This used to happen in messenger and now it shows the last sender's pic and it is much easier to find what you are looking for. It would be ideal to have all the info, before we had both, content stater info and last post info, so this suggestion may not be perfect but I feel the last poster info needs to be better integrated and at least by changing the pic no extra space is needed. Or you could do updated date on right with a mini pic of last poster even smaller than that one.  
  3. 4.1 place ads in stream - Suggestion

    Sponsored posts would be nice. Like a sticky in the stream that rotates with the paid sponsored posts. Admin chooses the position they want it in.
  4. 4.1 place ads in stream - Suggestion

    Yes the stream will be very active in 4.1. Would like to see ad zones in stream after (x), before/after results, on side. We can create custom zones but not place them after (x) amount of results etc.
  5. Still don't know how to go to new posts

    Should be reported.
  6. Would be great to place ads in the stream using the ad manager with a few zones and after certain results... Thanks!
  7. Pages: Promote to Article

  8. Pages: Promote to Article

    Sounds good to me, I think many would appreciate that function as they have thematic forums and dbs.
  9. Pages: Promote to Article

    What if it was a per-forum setting? Like: Car Talk -> promotes to Car db. etc.
  10. Pages: Promote to Article

    I see. I suppose I could change it in admin every time, I wouldn't need to promote much anyway.
  11. Pages: Promote to Article

    Oh. I would need that on the front end even if just for admins, I'll be moving posts to different databases.
  12. Pages: Promote to Article

    It looks like the database you promote to is set in admin only. For my use I would need this to be selectable when you promote, or else I'd have to change it in admin every time. Is that possible?  
  13. Pages: Promote to Article

    Food for thought: Since the stream now shows all content, and not just topics or articles, the duplicate topic is not needed imo. Personally I will be storing all article comments in articles from 4.1 forward. This will give more activity to the article section whereas before, I also duplicated to forum because the VNC defaulted to topics. Just in case this helps make your decision, the app as-is may suit your needs in just promoting the single post to an article. The old way you'll see 2 entries in the stream. Does this have the choice of copy or move, like in 3.4?Copy Post Move Post Do not leave a link to the article Can we select the database? (This was missing in 3.4)  
  14. Custom options prices

    In 3.4 there is, I'm not on 4, maybe you are looking in the wrong area? It's not where you add the option. In 3.4 it's the little box icon next to the dropdown.
  15. Suggestion: We don't need to see our own Likes (Follows and other "action" lines, etc.) listed in the feed. It will take up space for heavy users and it is just not needed. chilihead liked a post in a topic: example. Yes, I know, I'm the one that Liked it.