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  1. Recently Browsing is not really...

    I found one reason forums are always empty. If you are reading a topic for some odd reason you are not listed as being in that forum. But you didn't leave the forum, the topic is in the forum. You should still be listed as being in that forum. Like in 3.4.
  2. What would I edit to do this myself? Thanks!
  3. This site, Activity taking 8-10 seconds to load

    "Mark site read" brought it from 40 seconds to 4, still not zippy but seems to be related.  Never mind, back to 40....  Mark site read worked one. Now have to click it every time and still getting 10 second or longer results. Now time out white page. Admin feel free to log in as me. Click Activity.
  4. This site, Activity taking 8-10 seconds to load

    Activity is talking about 40 seconds now, or timing out with an error not able to load. Computer and phone.
  5. Cannot search commerce

    I would if I were you, it is definitely supposed to be there. You have to be able to search a store. Or maybe admin will chime in.
  6. Manual bbcode is supposed to parse, and you are correct, spoiler does not work. I'd file that as a bug.
  7. 4.1.4 - unread content extremely slow

    Same slowness here on IPS if you click the Activity tab and a few other streams. They are probably aware and coming up with a dot-a patch release.
  8. Just like My Content in 3.4, I want My Activity in the dropdown... 1. This link on profile page:   I also want here:   2. For continuity, change Profile to My Profile... then all 3 lines have My. My Profile My Activity My Attachments (I don't even really need this here, I don't allow deletion of them so no point.) 3. If we don't allow attachment deletion perhaps hide My Attachments in the dropdown but put somewhere else? Takes up space.   Thanks!  
  9. I'm sure the legacy gateway still works, they didn't build it for 4.0 just to remove in 4.1. (Not on 4.1 yet but you'd know if it wasn't working, I think.)  
  10. Activity has been slow, started yesterday I believe up to 10 seconds to load. Thanks! (Submitting this post, also slow. Rest of site seems okay.)  
  11. Multiple Chat Rooms

    Only 6 years. When can we expect?
  12. That happens to me with YT and emoticons. Where you see it in the editor embedded but does not.
  13. Please add Rotate Pic to the editor

    Would be great if when you upload the pic and see it sideways, there is a "Circular arrow" icon you tap until correct. Could be on the thumb. But IPS should be detecting EXIF orientation tags as FB and other sites do, people use their phone, upload right away... modern sites detect tag (your phone sets it by the way you hold it so correctly tags portrait = portrait, landscape = landscape.
  14. Please add Rotate Pic to the editor

    Would be so nice for attachments and Gallery. Rotate and crop, bonus.
  15. Cannot search commerce

    That's odd. Indeed, missing. In 3.4 it is the normal search bar (switches to Store when on store page), and on the search page as an app.