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  1. Save Article as Draft

    I set them to be moderated in the authors group, check them, set publish date, and approve. That's in 3.4 not sure how it works now. Save As Draft would be nice for the author.
  2. Is it possible a mod could do this? Make them editable using the edit time window of site and show an Edit button? Or is that something only a core function would do? I'd request as a mod but don't know if it's possible.
  3. The clock/time always goes to the post made at that time, not unread, and so does last post column of forum home so not sure what you mean. The dot is unread. But yes, could be improved.  
  4. I really liked the profile pic icon in mobile condensed before it was changed and super condensed. It felt more active and social and looks slick, and now it looks like the mobile site in 3.4. Do you think there is a way to work the pics back in? This is the forum view and it works: <-- seems to fit fine with pic, title, replies, etc. This is the stream, without the pic makes it look cluttered, to me the pic separates the clutter because each is individual and is easier on the eye. Thanks
  5. That's what the dot is for and yes I agree, a lot of people don't know what it is and it's hard to click. What links? In the forum the title goes to the start and the dot is still unread.
  6. But... that's where members go to start a topic. Most of my users don't forum browse they use VNC and go to a forum to start a topic.
  7. I agree it should be easier. No, that would be annoying. Not every topic is something someone cares to read in entirety. And some people don't log on much and are brought to the middle when they expected to go to where they clicked... the post that was just made. That's the action that bumped it, and in "Content items, comments, and reviews" each post is listed individually, so clicking the title should take you there, as it does. It would really only benefit users that read every post, and only certain posts, where they are following a particular conversation. So it doesn't make sense to do that globally. But I'm sure you could code it to do that.
  8. Hot to hide likes from Activity Stream?

    Admin setting.
  9. Are streams working?

    My Content is showing only content from bug reports right now. FYI in case not related to rebuild. 
  10. Is this still planned @Lindy? As it seems to work exactly the same as 3.4 in 4.1. Click one and they are all marked read. A real problem when we get a lot of notifications. Thanks  
  11. I agree, it's there on the main site, you expect it there on mobile. You have to scroll to the bottom, makes no sense to me either. It is however at the top of the forum home, just not at the top of each forum.
  12. Maybe as admins we do it more to see who people are, but I have a feeling my members do it too. Definitely not a deal breaker just a minor suggestion.      
  13. When the author in the action line is listed alone it is clickable just not when under content. That's seems like an inconsistency.  bobhowe joined the community   17 minutes agokotaco liked a post in a topic: IPS Mobile App   19 minutes ago IPS Mobile Appkotaco replied to Charles's topic in Client Lounge yesno
  14. In the stream I often want to click to a user. The profile pic does it, but in mobile condensed there is no pic, so no way to get there. Plus not everyone knows to click the pic, especially the overlapped pic/icon in mobile expanded. Adding this link is just a bonus really, but also serves to add it where the pic is missing from mobile condensed. member posted a topic in Product Feedback Without the underlining of course, but shown for effect. Would not change the look at all. Forum is already linked, can you link author? Thanks! PS. You can do it in forum view, app view etc. Just not stream or search.