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  1. It has nothing to do with "knowledge." It's his personal opinion based on six months using Xenforo, and he's not alone in his negative overall opinion of the software after use.
  2. Quick story: A friendly competitor started a site on Xenforo. He admitted that he really didn't get the attraction to the software but had heard so much about "code bloat" and other such nonsense terms and seen that all the "cool kids" were using it now so he did too. Here's his exact email to me when I asked him 6 months later what he thought about Xenforo now. My order of preference is IPB 3.4.6, IP 4.0, vB 4.2.x, vB 3.8.x, phpBB, Xenforo.
  3. I've wanted this functionality since the functionality was first made available.
  4. maybe you could give us a change log?

    Don't count me in with the "hundreds of thousands." If it's a maintenance release, it's for me.
  5. Need new FTP Client

    I was constantly changing FTP clients until FileZilla. That was probably 2006 and I've never had a single problem since then. No need to even consider changing.
  6. Google pagerank down to 1 ?

    It makes literally not a bit of difference what Pagerank Google assigns to your site. It's a complete falacy.
  7. Introducing the iPhone 5

    As funny as this is, the sad fact is that alot of the Apple colt worshippers are just sick enough to believe anything that the Steve Jobs reality distortion field gives birth to.
  8. Literally taking *minutes* to load pages here...

    1. SkimPappa

      me too, horrible navy internet connection UGG