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  1. Innovation

    Thanks a bunch for the update! Still my favorite skin. :3
  2. (BIM34) Photo Gallery In Post for IPB 3.4.x

    Haven't tried it yet, but it looks awesome! :3
  3. Looking for a IPS modder to code 2 simple projects.

  4. IP.Blog 2.6: Moderation, Interface, and Odds & Ends

    As small as these changes may seem, I very much appreciate them! Thanks!
  5. License Changes Live

    Honestly, this is how nearly every business works now and isn't something new or made up by IPS. Basically, its bundling all your services in one bill for simplicity. You still hold the right to renew or stop any services. So, where are you even losing out? The only thing I can think of is if you can't pay them all at the same time and have a reason for separating them which I'm sure IPS can work something out with a simple Support Ticket. However, its actually the most common request on the Customer Service side for businesses I've worked with. Yes, not everyone wants a "all-in-one" bill but you still get the option to disable certain services when you want. The only downside is explaining "pro-rated" charges which I'm sure IPS will have fun with. Haha. I was waiting for a change like this, because the old way bugged me a bit. Thanks again IPS. :smile:
  6. Subforums - Double Stacked

    It can be done for any skin, but it won't be as easy as copy & replace.
  7. I don't mean to hijack this thread at all, but its very similar to his question and my even help him out too. I'm also curious if there is anyway to display blocks such as "recent posts" into another web page outside of the forum software without using IP. Content.
  8. It won't let me send you a PM. D:

    1. Tom Christian

      Tom Christian

      I'm currently away until the 14th July.

  9. [HSC] Table BBCode

    Will this be improved and updated? IT woul dbe nice to change the cell spacing, table borders, etc.
  10. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup

    Nice & looking great! :3
  11. iArcade 1.2

    Does this include a few games, because I noticed that you charge a large amount for the game packs.
  12. Integration with CiviCRM

    Your welcome. Sorry for not giving much details as to how it can be done, but I haven't messed with CiviCRM to understand how it works.
  13. WHM mod to

    That would be wonderful! A great plus. :] @.Peter The Wolfie sig is a joke in supporting the popular user here at IPS, Wolfie. I forgot who started it, but i like the picture and Wolfie is cool. xD
  14. WHM mod to

    As I've said before: I believe they weren't going to integrate into WHM, but were going to do so with WHMCS. I could be wrong though, but I remember seeing a staff member say so somewhere...
  15. Integration with CiviCRM

    Possible? Yes. Easy? No. Requirements? PHP & MYSQL Knowledge.