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  1. smc added a post in a topic ACP Comments Manager   

    do agree this is needed, i have no idea how to view comments atm and when i have over 20,000 images on the gallery its imposs to keep track of.
  2. smc added a post in a topic Please, don't forget to fix this shame in 4.x   

    :) that good matt, i thought these would come as standard when i bought ipbboard +gallery a few weeks back, but at least they are being introduced for gallery 4.need this sort of stuff for seo :)
  3. smc added a post in a topic IPB Forum + Gallery Addon   

    ok it says it transfers comments and categories - is this saying it doesn't transfer the images?

    just seems weird it can transfer the comment from the image and the category it is under but not actually the image?
  4. smc added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IPB Forum + Gallery Addon
    Hi i am looking and buying the ipb forum + gallery addon

    i currently use 4images 1.7.7 and wish to know if it will convert everything including images to ipb + gallery, with the basic converter available on your website and if it didnt work would ipb be able to convert it for me?

    my website currently has over 20,000 images and various video formats (will gallery play video flv files) and does the gallery cope well with this amount of images?

    my current website is

    James x
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  5. smc added a topic in IP.Gallery   

    How many images ?
    thinking about purchasing gallery and was wondering how many images everyone has in their gallery

    can it handle 20,000 +


    James x
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  6. smc added a post in a topic 4images to IPB + Gallery   

    ok cheers will do
  7. smc added a post in a topic 4images to IPB + Gallery   

    at the moment i dont have a board just a image gallery, as i want to establish if its worth the money
  8. smc added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    4images to IPB + Gallery
    Can we convert this ourselves rather than pay $60 for you to do it (im guessing it just a script?)

    my site has over 20,000 and 4images just cant handle it anymore will ipb be any different?

    also does ipb have any seo options or mods?

    is available for gallery addons?

    also are there a number of ipb skins that support the gallery as well

    im been looking for an active ipb gallery site that is live, can you reccommend one that is busy?

    Cheers and look forward to your answers

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