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  1. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    Drupal+ip= love
  2. IPB Video Sharing

    this mod might do what you need http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/344323-download-ipcontent-media-system/
  3. I would like to see the chat working as chatroll ..... I'm paying for their service now, but i rather put my money in the pockets of IP
  4. Joomla with the help of seblod
  5. Drupal offers this option too... http://drupal.org/node/43816
  6. Inviting people for a chat

    And another one +1
  7. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Mobile Skin

    + 1
  8. Hello i want the IP.chat as a hook a something. I really like the chat, but i want it more advanced than it is. I would love if the chat could be placed for example on the frontpage over the news, or in the sidebar for example. Is that something there is in the future. Regards.
  9. Slideshow/widgetkit for ip content

    This means it depends on gallery? And i have to buy it to make this work ? I would love to see a "real" slideshow where you upload images, write the text and controle links ect within that module. This would be a better solution imo Maybe you would consider this in the future
  10. Couldn't it be made as a hook?
  11. I would love to see a versetile slideshow/widgetkit for ip. content... Maybe one that works as a standalone or one that grabs articles from ip. content with just a klick.... Like pined just for the slideshow Im a old joomla user and they got tons of good slideshow: http://www.gavick.com/products/joomla-extensions.html?start=1 Or maybe take it even furter and build a widget kit likke this: http://yootheme.com/widgetkit Maybe some of this allready exist..if so please point me in the right direction. Best regards
  12. I've been googleing like a madman for the last couple of days, to find a proper solution so we can continue our IP adventure. CKFinder seems to be able to do what I want: http://ckfinder.com/demo How would I integrate this? My guess would be to add a "Browse" button here that links to the CKFinder script: Would that be doable? Naturally I would have to hide the button for regular users, so they don't delete all the images that my writers have uploaded.
  13. The one thing I'm really missing in IP.Content is the ability to share images across different users. I run a newssite, where my writers always have a header image at the very top of the newspost. Often these images are reused (to make posting news less time consuming), but this isn't possible in IP.Content. Would it be possible to integrate IP.Gallery in some way? Or should I look towards other solutions? This is what I need: When my writers are submitting a new article, they need direct access to a image library where they can both select previously used images or upload new ones if there isn't a suitable one already uploaded. I don't want force my users to be using two tabs (one for IP.content and one for IP.Gallery) when writing articles. Ideally they would click a "attach image" and get access to the image library in some kind of ajax/lightbox/whatever popup.