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  1. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    Thanks Trance :)
  2. IP.Nexus Second Pre-Sale

    Ahh groovy, dont remember being so excited about a release...I remember seeing an old thread about the .DS_Store files, we dont have to upload those do we, from memory?
  3. Too much french onion dip got me down

  4. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/317855-ipcontent-programmer-required/page__view__findpost__p__1998595

  5. Undecided: IPB or vB

    With the questions that you have posed, the greatest difference for me is the blogs. My users were confused terribly with Vb Blogs, its cumbersome and counter intuitive in so many ways. IPB take on blogs is clean, logical, attractive and speedy.
  6. IPS Shirt Design

    This is terrific, dark gray would be awesome.
  7. IPS Shirt Design

  8. Betting