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  1. Cookie Notice

    What reasons colud be there, that the Cookie notice won't show up?
  2. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Is there an official statement, that the patch is compatible with 3.4.5?
  3. Missing the Watched Content block here

    Wow that looks nice!
  4. Missing the Watched Content block here

    I need tha watched topics hook again...the way over "show topics i follow" is by far to circuitous in my opinion. My memers complain about it as well, many ppl used it as bookmarks to their favourite topics.
  5. Inserting attachments not user friendly

    The funny thing is, that invision thinks it's a good feature. Funny that's why, because people search for workarounds to get around this "feature" :lol:
  6. Hello, inserting multiple attachments is not user friendly. Uploading works flawlessly, but if i press the "Add to post" button at each attachment to insert the code into the text window, the code of the previous attachment gets always replaced. Please make the feature work like with inserting emoticons, you can add here multiple ones in a row without having to unmark the previous inserted emoticon code. Can you image what a pain in the ass it was, to insert that many pictures like in this account of a journey? :blink: The poor guy had to click after adding each picture in the text window, in order to avoid deleting the code of previous picture. Thanks! Mike P.S.: If someone could give me a code edit, i would be willing to donate!
  7. PMs get lost

    Although there was a long developing phase, it doesn't mean that the feature is perfect. There are other issues with the PM system which could be made better, but one thing should never happen: That PMs get lost. And why do the people don't understand, that their PMs get lost? That's why: You have implemented two mechanisms for telling people, that the conversation partner won't get their reply depending who has deleted the conversation: 1. The conversation starter has deleted the conversation. A fat big red cross markes this message and if someone of the recipients tries to reply, an error message comes up. (by the way: Many users did't understand what that cross means...they thought the message is somehow damaged) 2. The recipient deletes the conversation. Now nothing but a little tiny text tells the conversation starter, that his conversation partner has left the conversation and no red cross is shown and no error message comes up. The message goes straight to the digital nirwana... The users are accustomed to the big fat warning of use case 1 if replying is not possible. The minimal one in use case 2 is hardly noticed. Additionally, i found it always annoying that i couldn't reply to a conversation my conversation partner has deleted. That's why it should be like he said: -> So there must be a different handling: - if someone is excluded from a conversation (he gets no replies anymore) - if he has deleted his part (he gets all the new replies)
  8. PMs get lost

    I reported an error, that PMs, which are sent by the conversation starter, get lost, if the recipient has deleted his copy. The whole thing happens without notification, the only hint is, that when viewing the PM, a small text "has left convesation" is shown below the recipient's name. Because of that "Feature" dozens of people complain that PMs get lost on my Forum, which is completely inacceptable. The answer of IPB Support is as follows: So it's part of the "feature", that if Bob keeps on sending PMs if Fred has delteted his part of the conversation, the messages will never reach Fred. Nobody in my forums has ever noticed this small hint below the recipients name. They are all used to the big red cross, which only comes up when the topic starter has deleted the conversation. Please change how this "Feature" works, that is so BAD!
  9. When deleting all posts/topics of a member in the ACP, you are not returned to Members > Manage Members > Viewing Member. You're stuck in that confirmation screen which says, that all posts were deleted. This is very annoying, because the most common use case for deleting all posts of a member is to delete the member afterwards. But right now i have to go back to member control manually...
  10. In order to be readable for everyone, the custom profile field titles and options should be language dependent.
  11. Language updates

    If you get a new version of your language pack, its very complicated to import it, preserving the language selection of the members. In IPB 2.x you could assign all members using "language a" to the new "language b". This feature was dropped with IPB 3.x. So if i have a new version of the eg german language package, i have to to the following: That really sucks.
  12. Advanced search hard to understand

    Would be great if the suggestions would be taken into account in future versions. Thanks!
  13. Advanced search hard to understand

    Brandon, what about the new suggestions?
  14. Advanced search hard to understand

    Ok, then should be the author field added to the members field as well, like in the forums search. I wouldn't need it, but if some people do...