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  1. I host multiple IP.Board installations on my Linode VM (under a cPanel environment). I have had really great performance. On my Linode 1536 plan, I have 15 accounts and 4 or 5 IP.Board installations with plenty of room to grow (without upgrading my plan)! Highly recommended.
  2. Windows 8 Pre-Beta released

    What is everyone using to run it? A virtual machine (e.g. VMware or VirtualBox) or a normal HDD image?
  3. Windows 8 Pre-Beta released

    I was able to download it at 27 MB/s because my university has a local 7-server Akamai deployment.
  4. Windows 8 Pre-Beta released

    The Windows 8 Pre-Beta has been released at http://dev.windows.com Discuss.
  5. Upgrade Windows Server 2003 Question

    I'm fine with a clean install, but can i do it over remote desktop connection?
  6. I have a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 and I was curious as to if I could upgrade it to Windows Server 2008 R2 without having to physically be at the server. E.g. like when upgraded Windows Vista to Windows 7, you can execute the installer on your desktop and not need any physical media. Is this possible? If I have a mountable image and I virtually mount it, would that be sufficient to upgrade the system?
  7. Windows 7 SSD Optimization

    Why would you want to use Windows XP? If you need to use a program that requires Windows XP, you can use Windows XP mode in Windows 7.
  8. Best Laptops to buy for up to £600?

    http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/list/parentCategoryID.44066900/categoryID.50787200 I bought the Sony VAIO VPCSA2FGX/BI for $1,199.00 US and haven't had a single complaint. There are plenty of laptops up there that fit in your budget, though.
  9. Windows 7 SSD Optimization

    I am using a 64 GB SSD for my Windows 7 OS and currently have 29.0 GB of 59.5 GB free. I've been deleting C:WindowsPrefetch, but it reappears automatically on reboot. I'm not sure what else I can do to decrease disk space. I try to install everything I can to my other hard drive as long as the software I'm using asks. I've moved my libraries to the hard drive as well. Is this average disk usage for an SSD with Windows 7? What is everyone else with a similar situation doing? Thanks!
  10. Backing up site

    If you have SSH access, I recommend using the mysqldump command for backing up your database and the tar command for archiving and compressing your files.
  11. IPB 3.2.1 isn't public yet AFAIK
  12. No one answer me since I register here

    I have never come across an issue receiving support on this forum, nor has anyone I have come in contact with.
  13. Help please

    After your order is processed then you can go to the Purchases page in your Client Area and click on IP.Board and click the download tab
  14. Google+ iOS Application!

    In my Google Reader account, I am subscribed to Gizmodo, which posted an article: http://gizmodo.com/5822629/google%252B-ios-app-is-now-available
  15. IP.Board 3.2.0 Admin CP Menu

    latest chrome