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  1. James Elliott added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6] Tag JavaScript character check typo.
    The JavaScript that detects invalid characters in the tags allows the ">" character but disallows the ".". Either there is a typo in the description or the JavaScript source (most likely) that needs to be fixed. This is in anything that supports tags I presume (posts, db items).
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  2. James Elliott added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6][CONTENT] Database Select Field key of 0 shows DEFAULT
    If you create a select box database field and have a $formValue or key of 0 it will show the default value in the template. Suggest not allowing a key of 0.
    New FieldType: Select BoxDefault Value 1Key: 0 Value: NoneKey: 1 Value: TestingIf you add a new item with a value of "None" it will instead show "Testing".
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  3. James Elliott added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC6][AdminCP][IP.Content] Permissions not Honored 2S107/1
    Currently in RC6 or at least on my installation the permissions for IP.Content are not respected for additional Administrator groups. I've made sure they have ALL permissions (I even turned them off and back on saving both times). Adding Administrators to the Secondary groups fixes this issue of course but it's not really ideal. This also affects other things in IPC like editing of custom fields etc.

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  4. James Elliott added a post in a topic Databases - Permissions to Edit Owned Records   

    Ah, I didn't know. Thanks for that! I should have looked more carefully.
  5. James Elliott added a topic in IP.Content   

    Databases - Permissions to Edit Owned Records
    Hi there,

    Would it not be more logical if the Database Permission to "Edit" was applied only to an records a user is the author for rather than all considering there is a Moderator option to "Edit" which allows users to edit all records for a specific database? I don't see any method of being able to currently give users the ability to only edit records they author.
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