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  1. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    We don't ignore feedback. If it seems like something that doesn't appear to be, on the surface, to be priority or something we'd ordinarily consider, we leave it for others to chime in and determine if it has traction. I'm sorry your ideas and requests have not received the response you've hoped for. It doesn't mean we're not going to do them, it just means the "simple fixes" are in queue with other seemingly simple fixes and prioritized based on demand and impact. You'll note there's been hundreds of fixes and implementations in the past year since IPS4's debut. The more we're able to focus our attention on IPS4, the quicker your ideas and requests will materialize. We're not ending use of 3.4 or requiring you to upgrade - we'll still keep it safe and secure to use until 2017; we're simply telling you we're focusing our support and development resources on keeping IPS4 progressing.  We have a lot of clients with a lot of individual requirements. Your ideas are great and they're definitely something we plan on addressing, but in the grand scheme of things, changing the author of an article -- something that a relative handful of people want -- is just not a priority over, say improving embedding and quoting... something nearly everyone wants and uses. We do listen. We do care. We just don't always share the same priorities. Don't take it personally.  
  2. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    I certainly appreciate the feedback and the insight. Certainly, this isn't a perfect science - like anyone, we've made some mistakes. Conversely, we're very happy overall. Much of what you read about here is a relatively skewed perception of the actual reality. I've said before and it's worth repeating, a very small percentage of clients visit this community. The feedback presented here represents a tiny fraction of the feedback we receive via other methods - support tickets, our enterprise channels, sales inquiries, etc. Certainly, the feedback on this community is critical to our success and some things are just no-brainers -- "yes, we should do that." Other things aren't so simple. What the minority want isn't always what the majority want. In cases where it's feasible, we try to accommodate all -- in other cases, the interest of the majority and the product itself must come first.  Another point of interest and this is undoubtedly a touchy subject is there are trends within different demographics. Those that want everything including the kitchen sink with control over every nook and cranny tend to be more of the tinkerer types on smaller, less active sites; they tend to start a site, play with it for a bit, get a few members, then rinse and repeat, doing something else. Conversely, busier enterprise clients tend to want the less is more approach and just want their community to be a tool. The balance lies in the middle and that's where our key demographic lies. We try to accommodate as many as possible, but there's a lot of options in the industry for those who really want to go all out with endless options... our philosophy is to provide a robust turnkey solution, while keeping it contained in a stock environment and leaning on the marketplace for those that do want to make it their own beyond what we've intended as default. That's what we do and who we are and I may have a slight bias, but I think we're pretty good at it. As for being an "experiment" - IPS4 is indeed a reboot of sorts. If we were to take everything in IPB3 and add everything we want to do in IPS4 such as social groups, expansive reputation system, enhanced profiles and dozens of big ticket items that are coming in the pipeline -- it would topple over, it's as simple as that. As much as we try, we just can't be something to everyone - so like anyone else, decisions have to be made. There are a good number of solutions out there that do things exactly like they were 5-10yrs ago and/or aren't afraid to say yes to everything... there is not a sustainable market out there for keeping everything like it was years ago and many of the clients that come to IPS now don't want that. Some have indeed found other solutions as a result of changes and while regretful, it's ok. Incidentally, we've experienced the highest sales volumes and conversions in years since IPS4 has debuted. I wish we could please everyone, but our focus is on our key demographic.  Regarding feedback and not listening - that discussion point does get a little frustrating sometimes as frankly, it's literally all we do -- listen, absorb and incorporate. Nearly everything in IPS4 has been shaped based on feedback. It's also why we've strategically chosen this direction for IPS4 -- by solidifying the platform and introducing things in stages, we're able to garner feedback and roll out the best possible experience for the most possible clients. There's obviously no incentive to deliver a product that people don't want to use -- if that was truly the case, we would change direction overnight. In reality, though there's a long way to go, the overall feedback and subsequent business growth is a solid indication that we're doing something right. Not in everyone's eyes, mind you -- but I like to think we're on our way to hitting the mark for most.  I appreciate having the ability to have this sort of personal dialogue with our clients. Thanks again for the feedback. Be sure to use the feedback forums with specific product suggestions.
  3. IP.Board 3.4.9 Released

    We've addressed what we knew was preventing it from running at all. I want to be clear in saying that while it may work, there may also be additional bugs related to PHP7 and we do not intend on releasing any further PHP7 fixes for the 3.x line. 
  4. IP.Board 3.4.9 Released

    What are you talking about? Unless you've hacked your code to pieces, you shouldn't lose anything upgrading minor releases -- hooks are just that... hooks. They would not get overwritten going from 3.4.8 to 3.4.9. If you've modified the source code directly, well I hate to say, that's your bad... the app and hooks system is quite extensible and there's no reason you couldn't accomplish anything you'd ever need to reasonably do using that. We upgraded our own backend site from 3.4.8 to 3.4.9 and I can guarantee we have the most modified installation of anyone -- it powers our chat service, license systems, monitoring, community in the cloud accounts, etc. Still only a 10 minute upgrade.  It's not possible to cater to everyone's individual needs. We make decisions based on the interests of most customers. If you've hacked your code to the point you can't run a simple upgrade -- I'm afraid you don't fall within the realm of most customers. I empathize with your situation, but we don't have the resources to do everything twice.  Sorry for your frustration. This process is much simpler in IPS4 as all patches run through the upgrader, but they're in delta format. 
  5. IP.Board 3.4.9 Released

    It's not just a security patch or ordinarily we would release it as just a security patch. It's a consolidation of security updates and some maintenance fixes. You must run the upgrader because... it's an upgrade. If you're already on 3.4, it's a 5-10 minute thing. Instead of a patch, you upload the 3.4.9 archive... you're already uploading, what's the difference beyond having to run /admin/upgrade at the end? You don't lose properly done customizations, no data loss - a simple upload and upgrade.  Further, this particular security issue involved a template edit - which involves writing to the database. That's not something that you can just upload a file and off you go. If you knew how involved it is to push a 3.x release (which involves 3 separate builds -- one for you, one for CiC and one for our techs) - I think you'd realize a simple patch would have been easier for us and that was our initial thought. Then, we thought with End of Support in the 3.x line, we would take it a step further and do a full release to fix some common issues, perhaps help out people trying to use PHP7 (though we do not support or recommend PHP7) and consolidate all recent patches before we reach EOS.  Of course, no good deed goes unpunished.    
  6. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    As a client, you're welcome to test it yourself using your free test installation key. Further, you can get a free hosted demo on our website to try. I always find it's best to try things for myself rather than relying on second-hand information. I think you'll find that as is the case with any release, you have thousands of happy people, a few that just don't like change a few with legitimate concerns based on "missing features" that are simply no longer relevant to the masses and a few that don't try the product themselves, they simply base their opinions on what others post.  People don't generally take the time to post how wonderful things are - you tend to only hear the negative experiences. When IPB 3.4 was released, the select few that had difficulty upgrading and didn't like the changes screamed from the mountain tops how awful it was, how the company was set to fail, we don't listen, etc. Now those same people believe we hung the moon with 3.4 and IPS4 is awful, the company is set to fail, we don't listen, etc. It's the evolution of software development -- again, I'd encourage you to try for yourself... no risk, it's free. Thanks.
  7. PHP7 Compatibility

    TheSonic - I think you're off base on a couple of points. Firstly, we're certainly not the only company that uses third party libraries. I'm not aware of any competing product that doesn't use a third party library. It's ridiculous to reinvent the wheel when a solution exists... a solution that has far more widespread use, has been further tested, etc.  Regarding hosting and requirements. I don't make habit of defending other hosts, but to be fair, they don't cater to one user and one application in a shared hosting environment. PHP7 may be considered "stable" but it may also break older software (it breaks IPB3) -- so jumping immediately on the bandwagon and forcing network-wide changes such as this is a disaster. Just like developers have to account for the lowest common denominator hosts, hosts have to account for lowest common denominator users who are using software that's not compatible with the latest offerings. It's the nature of the beast -- the problem is, power users think they are the majority when in reality they represent a very small portion of nearly any non-niche company's business - they just tend to be more vocal about it. Most hosting customers have absolutely no idea what PHP is let alone what version they want and it's those that drive a business and thus the ones that need to be largely accounted for in key decisions as they're the majority. You don't make sweeping decisions that impact most customers to pander to a minority opinion just because they're loud about it.  We do not force any odd requirements and we don't require cutting edge technology. We just don't support EOL products. If the developer of a product doesn't support it, we're certainly pressing forward without caring as well.
  8. PHP7 Compatibility

    There is a lot to be excited about with PHP7 - the performance gains are significant and we are eagerly awaiting mainstream adoption. With that said, IPS4 utilizes several third party libraries to provide functionality across the suite -- one of these libraries is HTMLPurifier. The developers of that library are not yet supporting PHP7 and are specifically recommending PHP5. While we have resolved any known IPS specific issues within the suite for the next release, we too must recommend that you remain with PHP 5.4, 5.5 or PHP 5.6 until which time third party library developers update their libraries with full PHP7 compatibility. We will provide an update as soon as full support for PHP7 is given.  Please note that IP.Board 3.x does not work at all on PHP7. There are no plans to release a PHP7 compatible update to IP.Board 3.x at this time.  
  9. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    We're still patching security issues until April 2017, which means the product is safe to use - we just aren't going to dedicate any support resources after June 1, 2016 -- if you encounter an issue and contact support, we'll only be able to suggest that you upgrade to IPS4. The product will still function, spam mitigation will operate on active licenses, etc. we just won't be releasing any more non-security maintenance updates or providing technical support past June.  This is End of Support.
  10. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

  11. IP.Board 3.4 End of Support

    The adoption rate of IPS4 has far surpassed our initial expectations. In response to this as well as client feedback, we are refocusing more internal resources on supporting and solidifying the IPS4 platform. As such, we are revising our product cycle dates for IP.Board (3.4.x) as follows:  March 1, 2016 - End of advanced technical support and development. Basic / limited technical support will continue.  June 1, 2016 - End of all technical support. Only security updates will be provided.  April 1, 2017 - Complete product End of Life (EOL)   
  12. Black Friday Promotion

    I'm going to clarify the entry... guys, this doesn't apply to future renewals, sorry.
  13. Black Friday Promotion

    IPS is pleased to offer a 15% discount from now through December 4, 2015 (11:59PM Eastern.) This offer extends to all self-hosted software licenses as well Community in the Cloud packages. Whether you've been wanting to add a new component to your current IPS Community Suite license, have been waiting for the right opportunity to renew your license or are considering IPS for the first time, simply use the coupon code BF2015 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. Note: Offer extends to currently expired licenses or licenses that will expire during the promotion. Sorry, may not be used on early renewals but we will be running more holiday promotions.
  14. Now Hiring: Support

    IPS is seeking knowledgeable and industrious individuals to join its support team as product specialists.  Successful applicants will be responsible for answering general support tickets, including providing customers with information, troubleshooting problems and performing maintenance. You would be expected, where appropriate, to interact with other technicians and developers to resolve issues.  Requirements: Must be familiar and have extensive experience with IPS applications. Must have a basic knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Must be able to effectively telecommute. Must speak fluent English and possess strong verbal and written communication skills. Experience with working in customer support. Preferred, but not required: Knowledge of server administration and experience working for a web hosting company. Knowledge of additional web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, JSON, XML, etc. All positions are part-time with full-time opportunity. Schedules are flexible and salary will be based on knowledge and experience.  Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone that applied and those who were not contacted will remain on file for first-contact for future positions! 
  15. IPS Community in the Cloud

    We are thrilled with the response to the latest generation of our community platform, IPS4 and hope you have been following the exciting progress and enhancements with IPS4.1.    I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight IPS’ Community in the Cloud service. IPS provides hosted/cloud service to thousands of communities and because we built the software and we limit our service exclusively to our software, we’re able to tailor and optimize our environment specifically for our products. This leads to an efficient, well supported, turnkey solution with a one-stop provider. There’s no waiting as you ask your host to review error logs, make potential configuration changes, repair database tables because a server was improperly shut down or the database ran out of room to expand or update outdated software to comply with the latest requirements. In the unlikely event you have an issue with your community and we don’t already know about it, we will have all of the tools and access required to take care of it with minimal, if any inconvenience to you.    If you’ve previously considered our CiC packages but have hesitated due to disk space constraints, we’re pleased to announce that we have made significant enhancements to our offerings, including doubling the storage capacity on most packages. Whether you’re an existing or prospective client, please take a few minutes to review our offerings on our website.   Here are a few of our more Frequently Asked Questions regarding our CiC service:    Do I have to pay for each application separately?  On all but our Standard 25 package, all IPS applications are included. Starting at $30/mo., you get nearly $500 worth of software wrapped up in a turnkey cloud-based solution.    What happens if I exceed my “online visitor” allotment?  Online visitors are determined based on the number of people simultaneously active on your community within a 15 minute window. This is not a hard limit, so if you are on, for example, the Super 65 package and you have 100 online visitors for an hour, there will be no change or overage. If, however, your average online visitor count exceeds the package amount for several days consistently within a billing cycle, you would be automatically upgraded to the next package. You can then downgrade after the next billing cycle if your activity levels have decreased.    Can I install modifications and themes?  Yes! You may install virtually all applications, plugins and themes from the IPS Marketplace.    I’m already an IPS self-hosted client, can I move to your CiC service? We’re asked this daily and the answer is, absolutely. In fact, we will move your entire community to our CiC service at no charge to you and will work to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your users. We can then deactivate your self-hosted license so you’re no longer paying renewals and should you decide to make use of it in the future, it will be as simple as reactivating.    What happens if I want to leave the CiC service and self-host?  That doesn’t happen often, but your data is just that - yours. We do not charge you to provide a copy of your database and attachments upon request. You would need to purchase a self-hosted license to obtain the files that power the community in a self-hosted environment.    Can I use my own domain name?  Yes. Initially, you will need to choose an IPS provided subdomain (eg. my - after your community is activated, we can switch it to your own domain.     As always, please don’t hesitate to contact with any questions.    No matter how you choose to use IPS4, we appreciate your business!