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  1. Transfer Automated?

    Unless there's a payment approval required for fraud screening, it should be automated. It will e-mail the account owner and after verification by the owner, it will be transferred to the transferee.  
  2. It's a setting. You can set it to whatever you want on your own community.
  3. I don't know why it's not working for you, Maidos. I can't reproduce that.  
  4. Please try embeds on this community now. We're testing changes.  Use this forum for testing -- please limit this topic to feedback only. 
  5. I still don't "get" using posts, content items, etc. as metrics to determine worth of a member. It seems, if you were to do anything, you'd gauge someone's value to your community by other members finding value in their content -- ie: 'Like' which is covered via reputation. Someone may have 2,500 "posts" - but 2,000 of them are support questions... or just a bunch of "+1's" -- it is absolutely no indication of substance. Personally, I think "join date" and "post count" are awful ways to say Member A is more valuable than Member B.... but, it's your community and you can of course run it as you see fit.  1) We do still intend on isolating application counts. My apologies we've not gotten to this yet. Note - when viewing a topic, it will show overall submissions - not just forum posts. I suspect you could make a template edit after we're done with implementation to list just forum posts. Initially, we didn't have the word "posts" in IPS4 - I believe we had submissions and people complained. I for one would be open to changing it to something else as it is indeed misleading.  2) We do plan significant enhancements to the reputation system next year. I would use make use of that before hanging my hat on the number of arbitrary submissions to the database, but that's just me.  
  6. Black Friday Promotion

    I'm going to clarify the entry... guys, this doesn't apply to future renewals, sorry.
  7. Black Friday Promotion

    IPS is pleased to offer a 15% discount from now through December 4, 2015 (11:59PM Eastern.) This offer extends to all self-hosted software licenses as well Community in the Cloud packages. Whether you've been wanting to add a new component to your current IPS Community Suite license, have been waiting for the right opportunity to renew your license or are considering IPS for the first time, simply use the coupon code BF2015 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. Note: Offer extends to currently expired licenses or licenses that will expire during the promotion. Sorry, may not be used on early renewals but we will be running more holiday promotions.
  8. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    I believe it's the maximize plugin, which seems to work well and should help with those making large submissions that want a full screen mode. We'll then look at feedback after that's rolled out for a bit and see where we are. It may be that solves the brunt of the concern and if there are still a few niche uses for a "preview" we'll recommend a CKE plugin. 
  9. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    We're going to roll out a feature that allows you to click a button and go "full screen" with the editor. We'll then revisit feedback to see what's changed. It seems like, apart from a couple of niche examples, it's mostly a confidence issue. Hopefully if you can see your content outside of the little edit box, it will help alleviate that concern. Generally speaking, what you see in the editor should be what gets posted as that's what inserted into the database. If you're seeing otherwise, it could be a bug. Expect that soon then we'll go from there. 
  10. We are investigating. I cannot reproduce this on my own account, but I signed in as you and it was painfully slow. We'll update when we know more. 
  11. Spoiler I think you're confused.  Spoiler You can do spoilers in IPS4.  
  12. Multiple Chat Rooms

    That's correct - chat is a remotely hosted service in all cases. You only host the interface and javascript, which of course, is client-side. Everything else is handled via IPS.
  13. Multiple Chat Rooms

    We haven't been working on it for 6 years. We said "in a future version." Chat is remotely hosted so the resource usage falls on IPS, not you or your community.
  14. Thanks for the feedback! Youtube/embed improvements should be rolled out shortly.