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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    We're going to roll out a feature that allows you to click a button and go "full screen" with the editor. We'll then revisit feedback to see what's changed. It seems like, apart from a couple of niche examples, it's mostly a confidence issue. Hopefully if you can see your content outside of the little edit box, it will help alleviate that concern. Generally speaking, what you see in the editor should be what gets posted as that's what inserted into the database. If you're seeing otherwise, it could be a bug. Expect that soon then we'll go from there. 
  2. We are investigating. I cannot reproduce this on my own account, but I signed in as you and it was painfully slow. We'll update when we know more. 
  3. Spoiler I think you're confused.  Spoiler You can do spoilers in IPS4.  
  4. Multiple Chat Rooms

    That's correct - chat is a remotely hosted service in all cases. You only host the interface and javascript, which of course, is client-side. Everything else is handled via IPS.
  5. Multiple Chat Rooms

    We haven't been working on it for 6 years. We said "in a future version." Chat is remotely hosted so the resource usage falls on IPS, not you or your community.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Youtube/embed improvements should be rolled out shortly.
  7. That's actually working as intended, but it's apparent it's generating a lot of confusion, so we are revisiting it. Sorry for the confusion. 
  8. For those that can't embed here - could you please describe your environment? OS, browser, are you using adblocking software, etc?
  9. That just means that you got a response - that has no bearing on whether or not the response will include the youtube video you requested. As you noted, the text from the output indicates Youtube is refusing to stream the videos to your server as you're blocked. You may wish to put in a support request to your host to see if they can get the block lifted. From experience, there's likely malicious activity on your network segment and youtube has blocked it to protect the integrity of their service.   
  10. -FP, I took the liberty of looking... it appears you're hosted by OVH. Please see earlier in the topic. 
  11. If you haven't already, please open up a ticket - we're getting a few of these reports and would like to investigate each one.  As an aside, we're going to test different embed behavior here soon for further feedback.
  12. 4.1 - Ability to cache remote images

    4.1.4 has basic image proxy caching.
  13. Upgrade Feedback

    Thanks for the feedback, Joey. I'm glad the upgrade went smoothly for you overall, it sounds like you may have some post-upgrade rebuilding going on which can slow things down a bit, but it's temporary.  In regards to the upgrade request handling -- it's a bit touchy. Often upgrade requests will span multiple pages as we get disclaimers, answer questions, try to get appropriate access information, etc. Trying to sift through the breaking point of the upgrade and post-upgrade issues would really slow things down for everyone, so as part of the upgrade complete notification, we ask that you open new requests for anything post-upgrade. Further, as outside of priority support, upgrades are done as a courtesy and they're not usually dire, so they're handled at the bottom of the queue -- it would be an awfully slow method to obtain support.  We don't mind you opening new tickets for different issues - in fact, we prefer it. It makes it much easier to organize.  I see you got a ticket opened last night and we've already started addressing it this morning, so hopefully things will be on track for you soon. Thanks for your patience and again, your feedback. 
  14. You can use as you feel appropriate for your own site.