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  1. More positive reinforcement

    Thanks so much, Morrigan! Glad you're enjoying what we're doing.
  2. Board Member Account Credit

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. It is actually something I've seen requested before and in fact something we briefly allowed when the "gift voucher" feature was introduced in IP.Nexus. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it is prone to abuse. Fraud, be it in the form of account credit, bogus license transfers or general purchases and the associated chargebacks and fees cost IPS thousands a year -- so it's always something at the forefront here.  We don't even directly allow this and it's still a problem. A client will provide access to his/her account for a "friend" to make a renewal payment as a gesture (keep in mind, allowing access to your client area outside of the alternate contacts system is against the license agreement) -- the license is renewed, client downloads an update and gets into a disagreement with the friend over... <insert silly reason like client didn't make him a moderator> and the friend logs into PayPal and disputes the payment. Because the person who paid wasn't even the client, we have no basis for refuting the dispute and we're forced to absorb the loss. The client ends up with a terminated license both for the chargeback and the violation of the license agreement and the "friend" gets his money back.  Under a system such as what's being proposed there's even greater potential for headache. What happens if 15 people contribute to the purchase of a new app. The credit is topped off, the client purchases the app, then person #7 disputes the charge? It would be very difficult for us to revoke the app, but likewise, it's not appropriate to absorb the now missing payment.  I'm afraid while the idea is great on the surface, it's simply too prone to abuse and not something we would be interested in offering. If you're not interested in using PayPal donations, I'm sure other members can recommend sites that would allow you to accomplish something similar.  Thank you.
  3. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    I'd really prefer to handle these things one-on-one, but since you're intent on making this a public issue, I guess there's no choice but to address this in kind. Last year you contacted us regarding IPS4 - the offer of upgrading and $100 credit was extended. That was deemed insufficient - you threatened an attorney, indicated you wanted to be paid by cash via PayPal, indicated there was a "breach of contract" and went on a general tirade. The offer was still extended to you, against our better judgment. You finally and begrudgingly accepted it in March. You've been pushing for money via PayPal long before you auto-renewed via the account credit. You purchased the license almost 10 years ago - you were given a courtesy credit to upgrade in an amount that exceeds half of your initial purchase a decade ago and then you demanded that you be "cashed out."  I think most here can attest to the fact that I'm a relatively fair and easy going person and when we're in the wrong, I'm among the first to own it; I've acknowledged the shortcomings with our internal systems. Conversely, I don't subscribe to the squeaky wheel theory and I have a low threshold for threats and people who are generally difficult to deal with. I'm not going to be bashful in saying that while under normal circumstances, we could have worked around your grievances, I think your expectations are on the unreasonable side and in light of your confrontational and even threatening prior interactions with us, we're not overly interested in continuing further with you. That is why I restored your account to exactly how it was before you alluded to legal action, demands for PayPal payment, etc. The credit and upgrade offer were extended as a courtesy to our loyal early adopters who want to continue moving forward with us under the 2006+ license structure. I'd estimate 99% of legacy clients, even those slightly disappointed, ultimately recognized the value in their purchase and the service we've worked so hard to deliver all of these years and were relatively happy to move on to the next chapter with us, especially with an IPS4 license and essentially 2 years of renewals free. You happen to be one of the handful that brought threats of attorneys, legal action and were armed with combative attitudes... frankly, I think it's best that you remain a legacy client. You're welcome to e-mail or PM me with any further concerns, but I think we're done here and have let the topic run its course.   
  4. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    As a follow-up, the issue with canceling renewals immediately canceling the license itself should be resolved shortly.  In looking further, the system is actually supposed to send out an e-mail 30 days prior to expiration - even if you are on auto-renew. This doesn't appear to be working in all instances, so we'll investigate that further.  Of interest, we are migrating our client systems to IPS4 in November. It has not been done as of yet because our license system, chat management, monitoring, spam mitigation management and half a dozen other things are all plugins to our Nexus / soon-to-be-Commerce implementation. That update will provide for a much smoother client experience - in the interim, thanks for your patience.
  5. Discouraging

    It's not a problem to e-mail or submit tickets - that's what we're here for after all.
  6. I want my credit back - disagree automatic renewal

    I'm sorry for your frustration. - We can certainly evaluate something to remind of automatic renewal. We actually had this for quite some time and it generated complaints and confusion -- even though the e-mail was clear that the invoice would be auto-paid, clients would login and manually pay, often resulting in a double-charge. I think most want to set and forget, but we can work on improving this so it's clear services will be auto-renewed.  - Deactivating immediately for Forums licenses is a bug in the system. This is fixed in Commerce which we were converting to in November. I'll check the feasibility of applying a fix now. It's not been an issue as nearly everyone either wants to renew or simply lets the license expire. Yours is a unique situation.  With the above said, I have to admit to being a bit baffled at the notion of complaining about free money. You were not forced to upgrade your license from legacy status / accept the offer and you were given $100 account credit as a loyalty credit for converting. At this juncture, I feel it best to restore things to the way they were, so I have restored your legacy license as it were and reverted the credit as I'm certainly not going to entertain "as compensation I want to have my account credit to PayPal."   To others, I do want to make it clear that invoices are only paid automatically if there is an account credit or a credit card on file. Beyond those circumstances, we don't have the ability to process automatic payments as do not retain credit card data unless you specifically ask us to. I'm sorry for any confusion.       
  7. cPanel access is crucial

    We stopped doing web hosting years ago. cPanel hasn't been available in a while - what we provide is more along the lines of a Software as a Service - you shouldn't need a hosting control panel as ideally, we handle every aspect of the "hosting" behind the scenes.... that's why our platform is so stable.  With that said, I definitely think we should show that disk usage information in the client area and I will work on that. Thanks for the feedback.   
  8. Car Fan Sickness

    I see Meijer grocery/lawn bags - must be in Michigan!  The biggest problem with storing a car like that in the north, in an unheated building, is the moisture. I'd be surprised if the chassis of that car wasn't rusted from sitting on the concrete - it should really have a plastic barrier between the car and concrete. I may go a touch too far - though my building is heated, I keep one of mine in a "bubble" as everyone calls it... it's an air chamber - I drive the car in and seal it up. It has fans in the back that keep the air circulating.  Get a '68 Trans Am instead. The 80's ruined Camaros for me... they're forever tainted with acid washed jeans, high tops and mullets. The image never recovered and now people like @Jim M drive the new ones.  
  9. Where is the members list ?
  10. Priority Support Change in Fee

    Please submit a ticket and I'll be happy to take care of this for you.  
  11. Well done!

    You were vocal about your disdain for IPS4?? I hadn't noticed that! Kidding aside, I don't think I can put into words just how great it is when someone takes the time to follow up with what amounts to "you got it right after all" - it rarely happens, so it's always appreciated.  Thanks for your kind words and more importantly, your patience. We're not done yet by a longshot, but the progress made is tremendous. Happy tinkering!
  12. Menu Manager

    Good point. 
  13. We've agreed to do this. No ETA, but I'm told it won't be difficult to implement and may end up in a minor release. 
  14. Where can I post a project?

    Custom projects were removed. We'd encourage you to use the providers database and select a third party provider based on your needs. We'll soon have a designation for preferred providers that are known for customer response and satisfaction. I'll clean up the forums and add a marketplace request forum. 
  15. Can't upload files to IPS!