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  1. THE Boss (Car Talk)

    There's nothing like old-school, pure American muscle... something most of the newer generations, including the "automotive technicians" will likely never experience.  Now I'm getting the itch to flex the muscle... can't wait til spring!
  2. I'm not sure that's considered music??
  3. Long Term Support

    Thanks for the feedback, Tyler. I can certainly understand why some might prefer to get only what they need by way of bug fixes. IPS4 isn't engineered in a way that makes "patching" terribly efficient. Further, our development moves at such a swift pace, it would really slow things down to set breakpoints and fix the same bugs twice. Finally, upgrades in IPS4 are becoming so seamless, apart from theme differences - there's really little reason not to upgrade.  Regarding theme changes - we do try to minimize impact as much as possible. IPS4.1 was a bit of a different case because IPS4 is a new platform that required some underlying engineering changes. Moving forward, we're going to do our best to keep changes as minimally invasive as possible, noting that sometimes, it's simply unavoidable.  At this time, we believe limiting support to the current version is the best way forward for us, however, we appreciate the feedback and hope you'll find your concerns about upgrading become less of a concern in the future.
  4. about the new Search Stream display format

    I know you said you can't put your finger on it, but any help regarding what you find confusing would be beneficial.  Incidentally, we're working on AS enhancements next week. 
  5. After every update I REALLY hate IPS

    These types of topics can be disconcerting and even misleading.  1. Some of what's claimed to be bugs are simply not liking the way something functions -- like the inability to delete gallery images because it's a global permission (which is being addressed.) Those are valid concerns and may even be high impact for your particular site, but are nonetheless not bugs and certainly no indication of product stability. 2. Some claim to experience *.bug, yet when you look at support history expecting pages of recent support requests, you find barely any. One of the posters here is claiming instability and an epic amount of bugs, but hasn't had a single ticket in 4 months and not a single bug report has been filed ever. So, either one is suffering in silence or is just jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. Regardless, I admittedly get a little edgy when someone attempts to shake customer confidence and is not providing the full picture.  3. Those that experience issue after issue are very typically in a substandard hosting environment - you'll note time and again our cloud clients rarely have issues. Unfortunately, IPS4 has really highlighted imperfect and outdated hosting arrangements for various reasons. IPS4 is going to perform and function better under modern and proper environments with proper setups (innodb instead of myisam, etc.) It's not going to be stable or perform well on bargain basement servers using desktop processors instead of server processors, VPSs with overloaded parents, etc. It's a bit like installing Windows 7 on a Pentium III -- it will technically work, but it's likely going to be an overall poor experience for you.    Now, while I completely disagree with the assessment that releases cause more issues than they fix, I don't want to imply there's been absolutely no concern here and we're perfect... we're certainly not. There have unfortunately been several embarrassingly poor releases and I'll definitely own that. We've very recently took strong notice on a higher management level and have been incorporating many, many changes internally to deliver rock solid releases. We've expanded our testing, both internally and externally. Everyone at IPS, from sales to support, are required to conduct a QA review of each release and sign off on the release board. Impacted areas are given even more attention. We have also brought back an internal QA team comprised of clients from the community that are willing to upgrade live sites with beta releases in exchange for one-on-one live support from our developers and technicians. We've also completely overhauled advanced support and development policies and procedures to improve interdepartmental communication and eliminate repeat issues falling through the cracks. Automated testing is also in the process of being incorporated.  All of these things have already had a tremendous impact on stability just in the past 2 releases. We of course cannot rewrite history, but I am deeply sorry that we've not done these things sooner. I know it seems like we're forever asking for your patience, but I would again ask that you hang tight. Throughout the speed bumps and niggles along the IPS4 journey, there's one consistency: we're in a constant state of progress. We've recognized where we've gone right, where we've gone wrong and we're forging ahead a smarter, stronger company with a stronger product line.  In regards to bugs vs features - this is also a concern we've recently had. Moving forward, virtually every release will have a balance of minor features and fixes. Major releases (i.e.: 4.2) will be a themed release. For example, the next major release will have an engagement theme. We'll focus, across the suite, on things that engage your users and keep them on the site -- such as better media handling, reputation enhancements, etc. So, you should not see many releases that are all bug fixes or just feature additions. This should keep the product stable while still keeping it fresh and progressing.  Finally, if you are experiencing issues - it's imperative you let us know. Keeping things to yourself and letting them fester to later surface in a topic like this is not productive for anyone. If you have a concern, the best way to get it addressed is via the client area. I assure you - you're not bothering us and we want to hear from you before it reaches the level of topic frustration. Thank you.
  6. [Missing] Birthday in registration screen

    I expect we'll target this in 4.2.
  7. Commerce

    I anticipate we'll do something like this in the future. There are no immediate plans, however. There are lots of other things to do first.  
  8. Search still needs to be a focus

    A good indication is the lack of "tags" in the screenshot. This is what it would look like if you did search by tags:  
  9. Search still needs to be a focus

    Yes, please do submit a ticket and mention I asked you to do so. If it's specific to your site, we can let you know and why. If it's something in the software, we can address it globally.  As a note though, it appears based on your screenshot, you're not searching for tags. You either need to click the tag, or on the search screen, click "Search by tags" We're happy to look into the second issue for you. 
  10. As a follow-up, we need to rework this area to accommodate some filesystem changes, so we have decided to do what we can to fix current bbcode support -- including your particular issue with lists.  With that said, I feel compelled to provide a disclaimer: you should not operate on the premise that BBCode within IPS4 will be a perfect science and you should really think about alternatives to BBCode as it may not be there (or anywhere) forever.  I have no ETA at present, but it's expected within the next release or two.  Hope that helps. 
  11. Url change and licence

    You can use your own domain in Community in the Cloud. Please feel free to contact us in the client area for any existing client inquiries. Thanks!
  12. Global Site Statistics for users

    Yes - though I have no immediate ETA. 
  13. Protected forums display "no posts"

    It's fixed in 4.1.8.
  14. Image Proxy

    Please submit a ticket so we can take a look.
  15. Amazon S3 advertising in Core 4.1.7

    I think there's confusion here. S3 is not a CDN, even a little -- it's file storage. You can serve stored files via HTTP, but that too is not a CDN. You would need to use CloudFront, NetDNA, MaxCDN or similar -- and all can technically use S3 as an origin (though CloudFront will of course be the best as its native.)  You can use any CDN you want in IPS4... and again, our Amazon S3 support has nothing to do with a CDN, it's a file storage gateway. Others could be added at some point, we've not received any overwhelming demand for anything other than S3.