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  1. rgf100 added a post in a topic Email notification settings change is needed   

    Wow, this is useful...

  2. rgf100 added a post in a topic Option to hide post under moderation   

    How about having the option to remove moderated content from the mod queue and hide it in one click, without it becoming 'approved and visible. It's probably pretty easy to hack up. No need to mess about with special forums. 
  3. rgf100 added a post in a topic Option to hide post under moderation   

    Agreed. Why approve the post, triggering notifications, just to hide it immediately. 
  4. rgf100 added a post in a topic Email notification settings change is needed   

    I'm with Broni on this one. We've lost the 'offline' option we had in 3.x, and I'm at a complete loss to understand why. It surely can't be that hard to keep in 4.0, as it was already in 3.x. It's the option of choice for anyone who wants to know that there's something new, but doesn't want to have their inbox overloaded. Some clients might thread the conversations, but others won't. I might not mind my phone pinging to tell me there's new stuff to read in a certain topic, but strongly object if it does it for every post. And like Broni, I might not want to wait for a daily digest. Many of us will have limits on how many emails we can send daily from our servers...
    Another issue is that users who currently have 3.x 'offline' subscriptions are being dumped into 'no email notification' when the site upgrades to 4.0 - those emails serve as prompts that get users signing into the site and participating. Those are now lost. That's terrible community management. Yes, we can tell them (how do we identify them, exactly? For anyone who's upgraded already, that info's tucked away in a backup) to log in and make the change, but how many will? We want to make it easier for members to participate in our communities, not present obstacles. 
    If offline notifications are of so little value, why were they in 3.x? I ran a check on my database and it's by far and away the most popular option.
    In other news, I do like double-clicking to change image size and alignment...

  5. rgf100 added a post in a topic Unlink...is there a way?   

    Makes me wonder what other functions are hanging around - I only found this by mistake, and I'd say it's pretty counter-intuitive - you right click for this kind of stuff, not double-click. 
  6. rgf100 added a post in a topic Unlink...is there a way?   

    Also - double click the linked text in the editor, and 'remove link' - I've only just found you can double click on stuff in the editor and bring up dialogue boxes - try it on images, you can change size, positioning...
  7. rgf100 added a post in a topic IPS 4.0: The current state of BBCode and its future. Is BBCODE officially abandoned?   

    "Well, that’s how it works"
    <i>no it isn't </i> 
  8. rgf100 added a post in a topic IPS 4.0: The current state of BBCode and its future. Is BBCODE officially abandoned?   

    I'd be happy with an HTML solution - but as I understand it we can currently either enable ALL HTML for a usergroup, or NONE. We'd need an option where you can use only certain tags, and style and javascript can't be used. You'd want it to be simple to use and for it to be commonly used across different forum and blog packages. Y'know, like BBCode...
    It makes no sense to me that we can type in BBCode and have it work - but then can't access it to edit.
  9. rgf100 added a post in a topic IPS 4.0: The current state of BBCode and its future. Is BBCODE officially abandoned?   

    Apologies, but the lack of any way to EDIT BBCode makes it clear that it's now the unloved stepchild.  Sure, we can type it in, but once it's saved, bye-bye - you can either edit it in WYSIWYG, or in HTML if you have permissions. So what do we do with people who want to edit in BBCode (which given the almighty mess the WYSIWYG editor can get itself into, is plenty of them) but who can't get HTML permissions? This seems like some halfway house - at least give us a safe HTML editing mode or something. 
    Edit: Just wanted to say that I agree with the above. I've posted bugs myself which make me think BBCode wasn't given even the most cursory of testing. 
  10. rgf100 added a post in a topic Paypal subscriptions 4.0 no longer work, IPS says to cancel them?? Can't you create a legacy gateway?   

    Perhaps someone at IPS would like to cancel all their auto-renewing packages and we'll see how company finances look in six months... 
  11. rgf100 added a post in a topic Guests can't view New Content   

    I guess a direct link to activity stream topics would work for users not logged in (NB - this does not mean guests. Plenty of regulars don't stay logged in). But then you want to shift them back to VNC once they're logged in. Bang, inconsistent experience. The VNC / AS merger might fix that, but frankly I'll believe it when I see it. 
    Honestly, stuff like this is hugely frustrating. There's a clear reduction in quality of experience for users. If Activity Stream is a replacement, put it in the same place. 
  12. rgf100 added a post in a topic Guests can't see new content?   

    Turns out this has been discussed before
    I had searched, but failed to find it with site search - Google turned it up. 
  13. rgf100 added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Guests can't see new content?
    Have just found that in 4.0 guests don't have access to new content pages - try opening http://community.invisionpower.com/new-content/ in a private browsing window. This was not the case in 3.x
    I'm scratching my head as to the reason for this. Obviously we can't show them 'content since last visit', but why deny an interested guest the ability to see what the active discussions over the last day have been? Or force a regular user to log in every time he or she wants to check out what's happening? I just checked my stats and 25% of visits to new content are from people who aren't logged in.
    Would love to know the thinking behind this, and any pointers on a workaround. I also notice in the Feature Planner that VNC and Activity Stream are set to merge - lets hope guests are taken into account. 
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  14. rgf100 added a post in a topic Please provide a list of all of the features that were in 3.X, but have now been removed in 4.0   

    There are fewer options for new-reply email notifications, a decision I don't understand. Have posted about it, but distinct lack of interest, so maybe it's just me. 
    I find it kind of odd that features people may rely on can apparently be 'forgotten', and given the amount of time spent telling us about new features, it doesn't seem unreasonable to ask a little time is taken to tell us about the missing ones. I remember cries of distress when topic sub-titles were done away with some years back. Sure, we might be able to reinstate our particular pet features, but it'd be preferable to know what's coming so we can prepare for it - or opt not to upgrade yet. 
    Yes, it's possible for us to do a full 3.4 vs 4.0 audit and see what's there and what's not, but surely this can be more efficiently done at the IPS end. There's also the issue that (and correct me if I'm wrong - I think I've read this, but it's hard to search for) that some features have been removed for 4.0 but are planned to be reinstated in 4.1. Do we wait for 4.1, stay with 3.4, pay for a mod?
    To take my own example linked to above - previously there were four options, now there are three. Where do I even look to find out how those four 3.4 options will map onto the three in 4.0. Do thousands of us test it individually (or more likely, not notice and deal with confused members) or do you tell us once?
  15. rgf100 added a post in a topic IPS4 Documentation - Ready When Release?   

    Better documentation = less time spent on support tickets...