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    I also used to have 'warnings' as 'admin notes' - often it was handy to use the warning system to request a user, eg, followed up on a question they'd asked and for other admins to be able to see that. But it was hardly a 'warning'. I'd say there's a strong case for that kind of usage - trackable admin<>user communications. 
  2. Even though "I still have to use Google to get any meaningful search results from this site."? Even when it's working well, casual users and guests find the IPB search weird. Also, yes, I know it's not going to suit everyone, and I'm not suggesting it's made the ONLY option. But it'd be a hell of a useful option for many many sites. And I know it doesn't index all content - doesn't get all content on mine either, it's still a valuable addition.  Anyway, I note the mod guy has released an IPB4 version, so I'll cough up the dollars for that and be perfectly happy. Apologies for the off-topicness. 
  3. *cough* Google Site Search integration *cough* - there's a fantastic 3.4 mod for it, and IMHO this should be core. You guys are never going to beat Google on search, everyone's used to the way Google works, and there's no point fighting that. And anyone who isn't indexed in Google for any reason can simply not use it. 
  4. Option to hide post under moderation

    It should still be a fairly easy mod - just wants a button in there to change the status of the post from 'moderated' to 'hidden', I assume. 
  5. Option to hide post under moderation

    Nathan, you've misunderstood what we want to do here. We don't want to just make moderated posts invisible. We want to be able to change the status of a post from 'moderated' to 'hidden', without going through 'approved'. Reasons for this are explained above.  Marius, if you want to get this changed, good luck.  I first posted about a similar-ish issue in November last year. Took a bunch of people posting about it and the best part of a year before we got a reduced version of the same 3.4 feature put back into 4.1. This isn't even in 3.4 (I think). Frankly it'd be easier to pay for a mod. 
  6. Thanks Rikki. How will current 3.4 notifications be handled when upgraded to 4.1. Say a user has Topic A, B and C: Offline notificationTopic D and E: Immediate notificationWhat happens to these? 
  7. Got told off for asking about non-supported future releases. If anyone's checked out the preview maybe they can comment. 
  8. Actually I'm going to re-open a ticket and ask if this is a choice that is made per-content item, or applies globally to all followed content. Will ask them to reply in here...Edit: Had to submit a new ticket, but have asked the question and requested a reply in here if possible. 
  9. From the latest blog post, announcing 4.1 
  10. Wow, this is useful...
  11. Option to hide post under moderation

    How about having the option to remove moderated content from the mod queue and hide it in one click, without it becoming 'approved and visible. It's probably pretty easy to hack up. No need to mess about with special forums. 
  12. Option to hide post under moderation

    Agreed. Why approve the post, triggering notifications, just to hide it immediately. 
  13. I'm with Broni on this one. We've lost the 'offline' option we had in 3.x, and I'm at a complete loss to understand why. It surely can't be that hard to keep in 4.0, as it was already in 3.x. It's the option of choice for anyone who wants to know that there's something new, but doesn't want to have their inbox overloaded. Some clients might thread the conversations, but others won't. I might not mind my phone pinging to tell me there's new stuff to read in a certain topic, but strongly object if it does it for every post. And like Broni, I might not want to wait for a daily digest. Many of us will have limits on how many emails we can send daily from our servers...Another issue is that users who currently have 3.x 'offline' subscriptions are being dumped into 'no email notification' when the site upgrades to 4.0 - those emails serve as prompts that get users signing into the site and participating. Those are now lost. That's terrible community management. Yes, we can tell them (how do we identify them, exactly? For anyone who's upgraded already, that info's tucked away in a backup) to log in and make the change, but how many will? We want to make it easier for members to participate in our communities, not present obstacles. If offline notifications are of so little value, why were they in 3.x? I ran a check on my database and it's by far and away the most popular option.In other news, I do like double-clicking to change image size and alignment...
  14. Unlink...is there a way?

    Makes me wonder what other functions are hanging around - I only found this by mistake, and I'd say it's pretty counter-intuitive - you right click for this kind of stuff, not double-click. 
  15. Unlink...is there a way?

    Also - double click the linked text in the editor, and 'remove link' - I've only just found you can double click on stuff in the editor and bring up dialogue boxes - try it on images, you can change size, positioning...