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  1. What happened to Members List?

    Not sure what is possible, but Pages might allow you to create blocks showing most popular / oldest / highest post count members. 
  2. On IPS4, particularly on mobile, there are cases where members are identified only by avatar, not username. This makes for a dull and information-free column when lots of members don't have avatars.  Plenty of places now automatically generate an avatar based on the initial of the username. That would be an improvement. Personally I'd like to see the username in there if possible.   
  3. IPS4 Feature Plan

    I haven't seen any of those shooting-downs, but I find if very easy to believe there wasn't any systematic approach to this - that 4.0 was written without that degree of reference to 3.4. Take block filters. First Marcher gets a bug report closed without comment - no 'we removed these because...'. Then once it's apparent a few people have actually noticed, we get asked which ones we want first - not 'we're bringing back this and this, as we've seen these are the only ones that actually get used'.  I'm going to bow out of this topic - I've made my points (probably repeated them). I reserve the right to bow back in  ;-)
  4. IPS4 Feature Plan

    @Lindy - first, thanks for taking the time to write that up. I'm a customer of 5 years or more, and this is what I think.  I appreciate IPS4 was a complete rethink. But what you didn't do was rename it. When folk upgrade from IPS 3.4 to IPS 4.0 they expect just that - an upgrade. That means features improve or are added, not removed.Part of the problem with IPS4 has been people installing it and then realising that, hang on, that thing their community relies on isn't there any more. I'm not going to rehash those, there are plenty of topics. You mention in that topic I just linked to that this was a 'streamlining' - but as far as I'm aware there was never any prominent announcement made that, hey, we have this new IPS4, and we think it's pretty cool, but be aware that we took a lot of stuff out, and here's a list of that stuff.  So instead of IPS taking the time to once provide a list of what has been streamlined away, you have every single user finding out themselves, the hard way.  Frankly the impression I have is that the streamlining was less about improving the experience, and more about getting 4.0 out the door as soon as possible, and that now if people complain enough, things will get put back in. It took a bunch of people posting over this issue, but we got a fix in place - still not as good as 3.4, but something.  If there was a systematic process where you listed every feature of 3.4 and decided whether or not it would make it to 4.x - brilliant. Can we see it please? And as I've said, we'd love some clarity about what's gone for good and what's maybe coming back.  That's one issue - how the removal of existing features has been handled. The other related issue is information about what's coming up. Give it to us. Put as many disclaimers and 'might not happen' warnings on it as you want. Those of us who are grown-ups understand things change, stuff turns out to be harder than expected, priorities shift. Just share with us your honest best guess on what's going to happen. As was said about 'coming soon' when that info was made available - "Even more interesting is our Coming Soon section that shows things coming up in the next month or so. It's a great way to keep track of what is in the immediate future so you can plan your community development. " That's absolutely true. And we'd like to be able to plan more than a month in advance. How you handle the folk who aren't grown-ups is up to you. Ignore 'em, ban 'em, get an intern to placate 'em. Your call.  One last point. For folk that write community software, the company's community management is notably weak. I don't see useful tutorials written up by members being highlighted and archived. I don't see how users can contribute to documentation. I don't see we can even comment on documentation [edit: wait, we can! sorry!]. That 'month in review' series of blog posts seems to have gone nowhere. Get someone on board who's read their Richard Millington, their Patrick O'Keefe, their Kraut and Resnick. A huge amount of potential here is being wasted.   
  5. IPS4 Feature Plan

    Tell us both. If you know something's coming, tell us. If it's a month, or three months, or you don't know how long away, tell us that too. If dates are subject to change, fine. Currently we have a situation where people are missing 3.4 functionality and nobody knows if they should give up on it, pay for a mod, or wait for it to be reinstated. We also need a list of functions that are gone and aren't coming back.  Here's an example. That was being "looked into" in March. There was no further info given in that topic. There's no list of new / reinstated features to come, and there's no list of deprecated features to give up on. There's now an $8 dollar mod. Say you run a 3.4 forum which relies on that feature. What do you do? Wait for it to maybe turn up in 4.1.5, 4.2, 4.3? Pay for the mod and then see the feature come back and risk compatibility issues, or risk the developer going AWOL and the mod breaking with a later upgrade?
  6. Switched to 4.1

    Your five middle menu items - modules to other languages - have no submenu items. So when you click on them, nothing happens - you don't go to another page, you don't get any other options. You need to double-click to make anything happen.  Also, your 'unread content' link gives an error for guests - I've already filed a bug report about that. 
  7. The state of documentation is ridiculous. Seems to be currently split across 'articles' and 'guides', so you can't even search both sets at once. What's actually there is limited in the extreme. There are odd gems of information scattered about the forums, but good luck finding them... I know 3.4 documentation wasn't ideal, but compared to 4.x... I'm not even looking for anything mindblowingly-complex.   
  8. Am trying, God help me, to rewrite some custom 3.4 blocks for 4.1. Can we please please please have a 'save and reload' button for when we're editing custom php blocks? Preview button as well, if at all possible....
  9. I've filed this as a bug, no response as yet... https://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/active-reports/unread-my-activity-steams-my-content-for-guests-r8940/
  10. I've just mentioned this twice in other topics with reference to the activity streams and search functions, but I'm sticking it up separately as I really do think it's important.  The use of the reputation system in content discovery seems to be zero. Here we are, our members telling us 'this is a good post' - and we don't seem to be able to use that info. Right off the top of my head here are some ways we could be using that information: 1) Show me posts with 10 or more likes - instantly you're getting a 'best of the board' feed 2) Search for posts in topics with '4.1 upgrade failed', rank by likes - you get solutions or explanations of the problem 3) Show me posts by users with over 1,000 likes - find out what our most valuable users are saying 4) Blocks of most popular posts over the last 7/28/365 days - showcase to new members of our  best content; stuff to highlight in the newsletter 5) Show me my highest rated posts - the ultimate ego-search. What do people love most about you? 6) People who liked this post also liked... 7) Loads of others, I bet I find it remarkable that the time was taken to let us filter by number of replies or views, but not by how GOOD something has been judged to be. Major missed opportunity, IMHO.  Now, it is traditional at this point for someone to point out that actually all of these things are possible, I just haven't noticed how. Do go ahead...  
  11. Search: View as topics / use of rep

    Also, no admin/mod options in search results - those would be useful. 
  12. Just playing with search and.... 1) I can't see a 'filter by rep / likes' option. Surely that's got to be pretty valuable, both for searching and now I think about it, activity streams. Actually at this point sure I'm not sure why there are different activity stream / search views. Surely search is effectively filtering activity by keywords. But anyway, think about it - show me posts by members with rep>100. Show me rep>10 posts. Show me John's highest-repped posts.  2) Where'd 'view as topics / posts' go? That was useful. So useful it's absence looks like a bug. Often you KNOW what you're looking for, you just need to scan a bunch of topic titles to spot it...  
  13. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    Also worth noting both iOS and Android have a scroll to top shortcut - on iOS I think you double tap the top of the screen, can't remember what it is on Android but I know it's there. It's also an extremely easy template edit.
  14. Just Upgraded to IPB4 - Where's New Feature list?

    What's also concerning is the lack of a *removed* feature list - eg, removal of filtering options on custom blocks caught people out. 

    I also used to have 'warnings' as 'admin notes' - often it was handy to use the warning system to request a user, eg, followed up on a question they'd asked and for other admins to be able to see that. But it was hardly a 'warning'. I'd say there's a strong case for that kind of usage - trackable admin<>user communications.