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  1. No response for 3 days

    +1. The same problem(
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Our international children's competition. Welcome for your children! http://talentosencanarias.es/  
  3. How to secure your Forum + Server

    @Websec GmbH Thanks for great job! Your recommendations for current version Plesk?  
  4. Nerva 4.1.x & IPBForo

    VERY usable theme) Thank you! Something about 4.1?
  5. VideoBox

    Great apps and great support! Thank you OnlyME!
  6. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Thanks all.  Hehe))) It is:    slightly upgraded version of the IPBlog's engine + some edited Nerva skin (Thanks IPB Foro) + Special language pack = Hotels app  
  7. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    In progress... http://tsa-travel.com/hotels/
  8. Cover images in Commerce

    Ok. thanks.
  9. After update 4.0.7 cover images in Commerce don't appear.
  10. Yeee... I'm on the foooour)

  11. Спасибо, давно пора!P.S. эх, погорел ванюшкин бизьнес...
  12. BBCode slideshow anywhere

    Version 1.0


    Very simple decision... IP Board slideshow anywhere on your IP Suite.


  13. Yeee... I'm on 3.4...

  14. Version


    Частичный перевод для ознакомления с приложением / Partially translated 1. Visit your Admin Control Panel 2. "Look / Feel" tab 3. click Manage Languages. 4. Using the 'Upload language pack from your computer' section, browse for the supplied "language xml.gz" 5. click Import. _________________________________________ 1/ Зайдите в контрольную панель 2. Нажмите Look & Feel 3. Нажмите Manage Languages 4. Нажмите Обзор/Brouse кнопку и выберите language xml.gz файл из нашего архива 5. Нажмите импорт Best regards / Всего хорошего


  15. IP Board changed encoding?

    ok. thanks