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  1. Betting

    [quote name='GaryBrookhouse' timestamp='1328613350'] Ideas for next versions to edit the bets once placed, luckily i edited the mysql so i knew what to edit. i like the way you can add a category and teams as it makes it easyier when creating a bet. +1 [quote name='Digityman' timestamp='1330194133'] I've been using this for a 3 months now. Works great. Some tweaks here and there would be nice. For example, what about allowing comments for each bet? Or maybe create a topic in a forum for each bet ? +1
  2. IP.Board 3.2.0: Text Editor Part III / Live Topic Replies

    Looks great! I'm really stoked about everything with 3.2 so far. My only concern right now are possible skinning issues, lol.
  3. ProMenu Basic