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  1. Can I restrict the guests to only see the first post in a topic?
  2. Global New Topic Button

  3. Version 1.1.0


    View Registration statistics in Google Analytics.   [*]Track which referral domains generate the most registrations [*]Set up goals in Google Analytics based on registration [*]See registrations in the Real Time Report [*]Registration is reported to Google Analytics when user confirms his account by email or an administrator confirms it (thus filtering hit 'n' run registrations) [*]Easy to extend script to call custom code after successfull registration [*]Only 2 settings to be configured    See screenshots for demo


  4. I am writing a hook that will do this....
  5. can work as classifieds ?

    Because that is not how a classified site should work.
  6. can work as classifieds ?

    The money should go to the user that puts something up for sale, so that doesn't work either. bummer... any idea if this "classifieds" feature is something being worked on at the moment?
  7. can work as classifieds ?

    I am not interested in 3rd party applications, since that just makes my life difficult when i update my installation of ip.board/nexus.
  8. Like the title says, can the members put stuff up for sale??? Or is it only me as administrator that can sell stuff??
  9. Running IPB-3.4.5

  10. Suggest Handeling BOUNCED Emails Please

    I am also interested in this...?? is it possible?? I am using mandrill
  11. I am also in need of this.. someone please reply to this???
  12. Facebook Like Box

    awsome plugin :D
  13. when is IPB 3.1.1 being released

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SD_Denmark


      it says soon, that is 3-4 days in my world.

    3. AndyF


      10 FOR X=0 TO 10
      20 PRINT "When its ready™"
      30 NEXT X


    4. SD_Denmark


      I only understand assembly code ;)

  14. considering updating to 3.1

  15. Drag And Drop Uploader

    They made it more or less like a windows explorer where you have folders, and all kinds of weird faeces. It really sux.