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  1. Links Directory

  2. Blocking Countries through htaccess

    Doesn't seem to bother my server. But if there is an easier way, I am all ears
  3. An easy to use method is to visit this website and create your Own ACL to block country;s Easy to use as I am security consious as my main target is the United States I want to block countries that really are known for hacking. I understand most hacks are multi layered meaning bouncing one pc/server to another, but it is just one item to use in your tool boxhttps://www.countryipblocks.net/country_selection.php
  4. Links Directory

    So let me get this right Marcher Technologies  is now develoiping this?
  5. It is a pretty great build this 3.3.0 testing is never going to catch every single corner case or forum setup, but it will minimize the effects. I have had some minor issues, but nothing catastrophic as most 99% of these were caused by 3rd party and did not effect any functionality of base IPB or IP.C. Great Job IPB and to the Dedicated QA team
  6. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    [quote name='Axel Wers' timestamp='1331289703'] After ten years of testing :D :D There is always VB if its that bad
  7. IP.Board 3.3 and IP.Content 2.3 Coming Soon!

    I have a feeling this is going to be one of IPB's moments in time. This release is very, very good.
  8. Why Can't You Guys Keep This Simple?

    In my best terminator voice Oct 3rd 2009 IPB became self aware, it began by shutting down all skins and then moved to apps. Before the human could react it started nuclear war to destroy the skinners.
  9. Nexus Needs Express Check Out

    Lets move this to either a support forum or PM as I have sent you. Obvious you have something different setup.
  10. Nexus Needs Express Check Out

    User Guest Group Where? I do not undertsand how to let guest purcahse,
  11. Nexus Needs Express Check Out

    Express Check out bypasses becoming a member. Amazon has it Google Has it, ZenCart has it/ TigerDirect, NewEgg you do not have to become a member you just give the shipping info on check out. I deal with a clients the do not need to be a member of a website, they just want good prices on motorcycle parts. I entice them to join for discounts. but Moto Junkies are not typicle people
  12. Nexus Needs Express Check Out

    I just went through Tech support and they advised me to write this up here. I cannot count the loss of revenue over the past year because I failed to recognize Nexus does not have an express Check out. I figure I have lost thousands of $ in prospective customers as they will not want to register as a member on my site to buy a product. I swear I tested this when I first used Nexus as this was one reason I went from CubeCart to Nexus. So I get an email, chastising me not form one but a few now non customers we refuse to join the site. I was re-missed and found this to be true as Guest was forced to Register. We Need a Express Check Out FAST, Even AMAZON has this functionality I am already working on transitioning back to CubeCart for this one and only reason.
  13. Nexus Needs Express Check Out

    IP.Nexus us a great product, I have lost a lot of Sales because potential clients do not want to register to a forum to buy products. Maybe Archer Tech would create a Pay Add to support this
  14. squareup.com

    They dont tecnically, but the phone app can be used without the card swiper, I figured someone could engineer that as a gateway
  15. squareup.com

    Nexus should be using them as a gateway