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  1. Advanced Package

    The plan includes 5GB for media. How many posts does 5GB roughly suit?
  2. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I was too lazy to change the setting for it and now I'm basically accustomed to it, so no biggie. ;)
  3. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    Ended up going with the IMac instead of the Mac Mini... so i was forced to upgrade to Lion manually (it was free though.) Process was easy. There doesn't seem to be that many noticeable changes in it. The scrolling is a little weird, so it will take time to get used to. Otherwise, all is good. ;)
  4. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    I just ordered my Mac Mini today with Lion! (I was actually on the verge of purchasing a Dell, but I realized the Mac Mini would be about the same price with pretty similar specs.) Pretty excited to see how much as changed with the OS. The last time I used a Mac was about 4 years ago, so it's definitely going to be a change.
  5. Really Need help ! , Please , i dont know how !

    This isn't where you get support from. If you are a licensed customer, either use the ticket system or the peer-to-peer support forums.
  6. The worst thing about 3.2

    If that's the worse thing in IPB 3.2 then you know that IPB did one hell of a job. :P
  7. Mildly Frustrated - So Few Themes

    There are good free themes out there. You just need to be willing to look a little. ;)
  8. IP.Board 3.2.0: Tagging and Prefixes

  9. IP.Board 3.2.0: Front-end Changes Afoot

  10. You're an idiot?

    Yeah seriously, this is hilarious. Stop taking life so seriously, seriously. :D
  11. Introducing IP.SEO

    One word..... BRILLIANT! :)
  12. Need a custom mod done. WIll pay low XXX for it. PM me if interested.

    1. Kyanar


      Were I in your position, I'd probably leave out the "low" bit. Especially when you provide no details of the project. Just a tip, ignore it if you like.

    2. Four Year Strong

      Four Year Strong

      I just want to let people know what my budget is for this project. Obviously, I'll work with the plugin author if it requires a bit more.

    3. Wolfie


      Would help if you told what you need.

  13. Cool beans.... mang.