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  1. Bring back the 3.1 standard editor as an option

    hello, i wish you all the best with the new editor. for me it is the last crap and the point is come, to change the software. i cant understand, that a proffessionell company use a third party addon! what i see, that you´re on the same way like ib and vb-->no quality and no control about your own features. think about it, that is the reality. a lost customer says goodbye

    you mean, in the next release ( IP.Content 2.2.2)?

    Hello, it is important, that we become the "Tags" on the Ip-Content System! Please add them :)
  4. Dev Update: Addon Applications

    what is with "tags" in ip content?
  5. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    hello, or small ip-content-site : all modifications are written from "Marcher".
  6. Why IPC is failing

    Hello, we work really hard with the databases, we add every day 200-300 entrys to it. the big problem on ip-content is for me: if you want change something, as sample add a block or something else->you have to write a new template or change code on the templates. i come from vb and we have used vb-dynamix. in vb-dynamix i can add blocks, or other things with 2-3 mousecklicks. ip-content is to hard in the handling. sample if i want add blocks on the left and right site of the databases->i have to search "in which templates, have i to change something, or what must i do" vb-dynamix or in the vb-cms.......i click some mousecklicks and all is finished. ok that to the handling from my site. ( i will say, from the handling site ip-content is the biggest s.h.i.t. for us) all cost to much time. if i bye a software, i will work with the software and not always on the software. the upgrade prozess " you have told me in the last days-Original templates will not updatet from the upgrade script--->that is the biggest lol, i have never heard from a compayny, that they not update theire own original templates and that the user must do that manuell from hand! a no go! what i miss: a lot of permission-settings: i have told before, we add every day 200-300 new entrys to our databases, we write game-guides. i cant set a permission, that guest can only see, thumbnails from our pictures. all guest can full download all pictures of our site, if we set->yes can see database. here we must have a setting,that guest can see only thumbnails from the pictures, if they cklick on a thumnail->the must see a message "if you want see these picture, you must register"!! 2. in our old database we have a lot of tables, in that we have present some important guides for our users-->in ip-content i cant add tables or html. the permissions "html" all will not work. 3. the lightbox: we add all pictures in our game-guides in a size from 1920....or above. the lightbox will not resize the pictures to the monitor size of the users. if a user comes with a 18" monitor he has a problem in our database. the lightbox has no navigation-->next picture, previous picture............. 4. the global search (i have startet a thread before) the gloabal seach jumps not to the database, in that the user is.........sample a user in datbase 1, an i have set in the settting "add database 2 to the global search" he find nothing. 5. template settings: here i cant set settings, what the user can see.......or set permissions for usergroups ( vb-dynamix ->i have all what i need)......... it is very hard, that my english is so bad, so i cant explain all what i have to say. i am very happy with the ip-forum,with the ip-gallery and the ip-user mods...........but ip-content makes me ill. at the moment we look for us, what we can do in the future. for me is clear, ip-content is much to basic and createt without love.......i will not attack the ip-content team. my target is to become the same good software, what we have with the forum or the other ip-products. but my big problem is->we live from the content in the databases (our users look to 98% the content in the cms) and that is the big fail product from invision. sitemap-no chance to give the content of the databases to google. about the article system i will not say much.......that we have deleted after 2 hours.........the editor is to basic, all article templates are to basic..........they you have to learn, from wordpress, joomla and all other cms, what is a article system. i hope you are not angry about these hard words.........but that is what i think. the next thing is, i look 1 year what the users here are writing, the most users write the same what i think and what i have here written, but you change nothing on your way..........i think that is the biggest problem, that you will not learn, what the users need. you have written a product only for coders or users with knowledge about css and writting teamplates...........that will not work->you see here all other companys go a other way->they make the handling easy for the users!!! i think that is the biggest point, why so much users not work longer with-ip.c! so we look at the moment, which other software we can use...........i think we must jump away from invision, in the next days, because ip-content is in all things to basic. sorry for my bad english. i hope you can learn 1 or 2 things from our position.
  7. Upgrade questions

    Nice, that will help me!!! Thank you.
  8. Upgrade questions

    I have the same Problem I use the Original Software without any changes. And no Template was updatet by the update and no is all crashed. And the Guys in the Support say: Sorry that is a " NO GO" for me.
  9. thank you for your very good support!

  10. The Global Search

    hello, i checked it again. my problem is : if i set in the default search "database 1" and a user is in database 2 the global search will not work. he must jump to the advanced search or must use the search tool in the categories, of the database, that is not nice. why you dont add a system : if a user is in database 1 - the search use database 1 . if a user is in database 2 the search use the database 2. or put a list in the search with all databases, that the user can select in which database he will search. so it is for the user on our site really a chaos. our target for the future are 12 databases............
  11. The Global Search

    hi, i will check it again on my site. i have seen the new settings in the databases, they are all on! and then i have seen the setting in the ip-content main-settings where i can select a database for the default search...........
  12. The Global Search

    Hello, we have a lot of Databases and now i can set in the Settings " 1 " Database for the Global Search, in that the User can search! Sample if i set now in the Search-Settings " Use Database 1 for the Global Search" and a user is in Database 2-3-4 or 5 we have a Problem, because the Global Search is not working in these Databases. For me is that a very big Problem, all our Users must go to the the advanced Search to find something in our Databases. Can we change this in a short Term? With these we cant work. Sorry for my bad English.
  13. IP.Content really needs the ability to edit a comment

    +1 this must come.
  14. Hello,
    i want say only thank you, for your work! I love to work wit the Databases! I hope you have a lot of success with your work in the future!

  15. Am I allowed to give it away.

    Hello, i have the same problem. i will switch all my vb boards to ip, but we have to many problems with the ip content. so we must stay by vb......and that is hard! the ip-forum is great! but with the ip-content we have big problems. for people without high knowledge about coding, i see no way to use it. if i look to vb-dynamix or to the vb-cms, i must say it is buggy, but from handling, it is very easy(drag and drop - the widgets/modules). sorry for my bad english.