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  1. I would love this as well.
  2. There really should be an option to tie in with the major marketing providers. At least Aweber, it's one of the most popular and has an API - https://labs.aweber.com/
  3. I want to create a custom database with matching display template - that part I can do it IP.content. But can you enable user-submissions for the custom database like the articles do? I'd want several fields, image upload, permissions, approval, etc. Is that possible with IP.content without having to use the articles db? - R
  4. Suggestion: Guest Polls

    There's no reason IPB shouldn't have guest voting as an option. I understand the cookie issue for serious voting, but for asking people questions like "What's your favorite color", voting fraud shouldn't be an issue. We aren't electing the president. Let's be honest, there are 20 lurkers for every member and getting them to vote helps build a relationship with the site. I really think you should look at adding guest voting (with the caveat that the results may be manipulated).
  5. I have paid job for someone to help with ip.content + gd library thumbnails.

    1. Interferon


      goddamn library thumbnails?

  6. Need help finishing a hompage with ip.content

    1. Cirion


      In what regard?

    2. xCurlyx


      pm me i can help!

  7. I'm building a marketplace of various files (mostly PDFs). I want to the user to be able to do the following:
  8. still need help with IP.content, anybody?

    1. Andrej


      PM me with what you need help with.

  9. any word on the ibContact mod? It's the last piece of the puzzle for my site...

  10. I'm setting up a marketplace for users to browse, sort, etc. Some products would be purchased from us, while others would be affiliate programs that would need to compete purchase elsewhere. Can Nexus do this? I also would prefer to show this content in a specific directory structure/url, so I also wonder how that works with nexus thanks, - R
  11. Motivating guests to register

    Yeah, I don't run view-only forums, so I could hack the thread view code. I may try it later.
  12. Motivating guests to register

    That's my point - guests don't have the permissions, but instead of giving them a brick wall, the buttons should motivate them to register... Basically, guest should be shown buttons to register, members get the reply and start discussion buttons.
  13. Right now guests get the "You cannot reply to this topic" button when viewing the forum, but I think that is pointless - they don't know what to do. A better solution would be to have a button that says "Register to reply to this topic" with a link to registration page. That would drive more user registrations. How hard is this to implement? - R
  14. Signature Permissions (NoFollow/DoFollow)

    I'm interested in this as well, a way to reward the "super users".
  15. Looking for IP.content consultant. Know anybody?

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    2. Graeme Leighfield

      Graeme Leighfield

      Yeah thats me, Flaregun, replied to your PM :)

    3. Graeme S.

      Graeme S.

      Haha, flaregun is going to have two Graemes doing work for him. Confusing much? :)

    4. flaregun


      yeah, I thought you were the same guy :)