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  1. Changing FontAwesome icons per-forum

    This has changed my icons in the main forum listing view, but when viewing in the category view, the icons have reverted back to the original. How do you change these?
  2. Upgrader fails

    If you delete /public_html/ and leave it blank, then save, it reverts to 21. But the moment you edit the box again, it goes back to /public_html/
  3. Upgrader fails

    Still not working, I have added my details, and it keeps changing the port field to "/public_html/" all by its lonesome.
  4. Suggestions for IPB + Applications

    As for the blocks can't you just include the check yourself? It is what I do, I built a login block for a home page, if the member was logged in, it would show a welcome block, if they were not, then it would show the login box.
  5. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    Yeah will be a wiki system so that members can add and edit players, each player will have a team set, and its that field then that the template will grab depending on the team being viewed. I had it working on my current site, but stopped it as was redesigning how it will all work. This was what i got at the time i stopped to restart how it would all look. (ignore the image, hadn't re-sized it, and ignore Messi lol) that was just to test it setting the layout based on the players positions. The team info, and stadium info will also be a wiki database. But league tables and so on will not, as that's based off an external feed.
  6. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    Not exactly a content page as such, but been working on something for a new design of my site. I am using IPC Databases to create the latest news, tables sections, along with a database that allows me to set the teams banner image. Works in both forum and topic view. And is based off the forum name and then grabs the relevant teams banner. Still a work in progress and am redesigning it to work with a team home page that will link to forums and other area's for that team. That is just a mockup at the moment, but will be sorting it all out over the next few days once I figure out what bits and bobs I want on a teams home page. All but the forums will then be run via content databases.
  7. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I dunno, again that part is still a work in progress too.
  8. List of sites / pages done using CCS Still a work in progress. This is the team profile, and then each player will have his own profile. All is done with a wiki style database so that members can add their own bits too it.
  9. Yeh same happened to me when clicking sign in from the VNC page
  10. Lack of Documenation is SO Frustrating

    The only one on the staff list is Debbie, other than that could he have mistaken Lindy for a girl?
  11. Why are these missing from IP.Board?

    Took me a while to find it at first too, but after using it, I much prefer it to the old ugly looking icon alongside the topic title, its clean and easy when you get used to it, its just knowing it is there can take a while ;)
  12. Why are these missing from IP.Board?

    The link for taking you to the last unread is still there, its the icon on the left.
  13. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    But isn't there a way to release a list of cookies that the IPS suite use, and allow those who want to add the relevant sections to their site, to do so. It doesn't then affect those who don't need it, but greatly helps those who are looking for that information.
  14. The licence system is changing, yes, but not in the way you are explaining. Basically at the moment you require IP.Board to use the otehr products like Nexus. What IPS are doing, is making the main product IP.Community (or whatever it will be called) then IP.Board will act like the other current extra's. In that those who want Nexus, but not IP.Board, won't need to puurchase IP.Board. Currently its like this IP.Board - IP.Nexus - IP.Gallery - And so on.... It will become IP.Community (again cant recall the actual name) - IPBoard - IPNexus - and so on. So you would still be required to purchase them individually, it just allows a site to be created without the requirement of IP.Board As for your question about that site, yes you can do all that in IP.Content, it is a great bit of kit, although I am only now really gettting stuck in with trying things out on it. But you can create your custom feed blocks and so from it.
  15. Adding Content to existing Forums

    If I am not mistaken, you can set Content as your primary add-on, and leave the forum inside the root at the same time. All you have to do is add a line into constants.php to set Content as your landing page.