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  1. is quick

    I know sometimes I have a moan, mainly to get it off my chest but got to say so far I am pretty pleased with the speed. In the past, especially after upgrades it seemed to be slow. This version is skipping along like a good un and I like the way it has dumped all the old hooks and mods. Just need to be strict with myself about what mods I use because they are definitely a factor when it comes to speed. Only IPContent is a let down in some areas and that seems to be on going.  Still the best forum software or whatever you call it
  2. Having upgraded, I decided that it was best to forget all but the basic blocks until they are added back (I hope) it is a bitter pill to swallow really after spending so much time creating nice custom blocks (with a lot of help from marcher of course) but hopefully it will pick up. Parts of the whole suite are a bit buggy really but lots of it are brilliant. So I am hoping for the best.  (glass half full)
  3. IP Content is messing with my head

    And what do comments like this meant to mean The field key can be used in HTML templates to fetch a specific field, for instance: {$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('my_key', 'listing')|raw} Sorry but I want to look after the content and run the website not spend hours reading the same phase over and over trying to figure it out
  4. Blocks are missing features Menu items you can't select Comments can checked on databases and in fields Template logic I think was called seems to have gone. It just seems so much harder to navigate and find stuff, only to find the stuff you are looking for has been removed. Maybe it is me, I spent a lot of time on IP Content so maybe it is just a case of getting used to it? Moan over, I will go and do some more messing with my head
  5. Fatal error search function - this forum

    Yes still getting it this morning
  6. Fatal error: Call to undefined method IPS\Content\Search\Mysql\Query::excludeDisabledApps() in /var/app/current/applications/core/modules/front/search/search.php on line 454 Got when on gallery searching 
  7. Works well and  easy even for me who gets sweaty palms at just the mention of Mysql   Thanks to whoever put it together, now have all tables ready for the upgrade
  8. 404

    https://www.invisionpower.com/support/ from client area 404
  9. An article or press release Someone comes to the website and hits add an article, they then have a set of options for example free, limited text and no links, £10 text and links, £20 all the above plus an image etc
  10. I no longer want a website exactly like my forums so gone with an new template but soon realised a lot of the best bits of the wrapper are missing and you have to go hunting to search for them and then cobble them together. We have the wrapperless template that Marcher kindly put together but that is dated and wondered if there was a way to include all the bits needed when you create a new template I was thinking along the lines of when you create a new page template it comes loaded with everything needed such as the editor, community addons, facebook og stuff etc
  11. 4.0 - Calendar Stream

    Can't really see the point of calender anymore, nobody uses it. If we organise meets we put them on the forum
  12. (NB34) Recent Topics/Posts

    Works really well and the support has been quick and spot on
  13. Which forum software?

    Put your momey on IPB they won't let you down
  14. Only disapointment

    Blimey what do your members make of that, I only have to change a header image and there is revolt