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  1. IP.Content - inserting images into articles

    I would love to be able to do this, when supporting customers on the forum there is often the same images that the support guys need to use in replies, ideally I want to have an extra option in the list for Support Content which can be accessed by anyone in the support group. I am coding something up and have got the option up and I can make that only show for support staff but I am kind of stuck at that point. Is there something i can replace the red bits with here to make the content in a specific media manager folder to appear? <li id='support_content'><a href="#" onclick="return CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsmedia.loadTab( 'blog', 'images' );">Support Content</a></li>
  2. How to disable Support Requests?

    I already have no departments specified, however clients tend to them complain about ''there is no department to select when i try to submit a ticket" what i would like is to disable the support tab altogether, there doesnt appear to be a way to do this without hacking the code. I have already changed the contact us link via the skin to point to our actual contact us page.. My bad, it seems some dumb ass added a sales department, deleted and now all is good, although it would be nice to only allow the support section for specific groups rather than limiting them by departments. Thanks!
  3. sphinx/content/ipb claim

    So does sphinx not work with IP.Content? I was actually looking at implementing it as the current search is rather useless. Not trying to be rude or anything but I agree with csm "the IPS Community Suite works with Sphinx" or even "The IPS Community Suite has built-in first-rate support for Sphinx" implies that the entire community suite works with Sphinx, not just some parts. I spent about half an hour searching for how to implement sphinx to find this post that says IP.content won't work with it. Now i am not trying to split hairs, but wording can be critically important and this post saved me hours of implementing something that seems like it isn't going to work.
  4. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration

    Can this be restricted to certain locations? e.g. we use FedEx for everything other than shipments within Australia and I don't want australian customers to see the FedEx options.
  5. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    Uncle Sam tries to but fails miserably a lot of the time.
  6. All IPB forums breaching EU law

    How can EU law apply outside the EU... good luck enforcing that, I think hard is an understatement, it will be impossible.
  7. remove login from upgrader

    You can't even log in to the acp if there are update files? I know on my test board if I upload the new files and go to acp it automatically takes me to the upgrader
  8. Coupon Status

    what would be really nice is to be able to see which coupons were expired or have been used (for coupons that are once off use coupons). Currently you seem to have to go into each coupon to see if it has been used or has expired
  9. I have a couple of questions from our accounting dept They have a couple of issues with the billing. · Payments should be AUTHORIZED ONLY—NOT captured. The site is capturing the payment right away, which should not be happening. · Payments in, the invoice number is NOT appearing on the credit card transaction.I had a quick look at the API and it looks like their first request should be possible on page 12 http://www.authorize...t/AIM_guide.pdfPart 2 seems to also be possible if you look under order information which starts on page 23 and really this one is kinda critical.Just curious as to whether these 2 options may be added in a future version?
  10. Shipping Pricing per weight unit

    Thanks for that but unfortunately the Math wasn't actually the part i was confused with ;) It just made my life difficult as we allow shipping up to 100KG (some of our items are rather heavy) It actually needed to be done 5 times ;) as I have 5 different shipping methods, and now the admin people want more! and well when shipping prices change as they tend to every year, I have to update it all again! :( What would be ideal for me personally and I'm sure others as all the shipping companies we deal with seem to work like this :) is Have a base price for shipping Then have a per/kilo price Also have a Max weight
  11. Shipping Pricing per weight unit

    I do realize this however the issue with that method is that for example for us to ship to New Zealand the initial shipping price for 1 kg is $38.40 for every kilo on top of that it is about $10 more, and its not really fair to charge someone with a 1 KG package in your example the same as someone with a 9kg package e.g. $110 for shipping
  12. Shipping Pricing per weight unit

    Currently to setup shipping on a per weight unit price the setup would require you to setup individual prices for every kilo. I'm not sure about other peoples shipping pricing but our pricing with Fedex and the other shipping companies we use is on a cost/kilo basis. Right now, there's not a way to say "Charge X amount per kilo".. Or, what would probably be best.. "Charge X amount per kilo until 10 kilos, then charge Y amount per kilo".. Which.. Would probably be the most flexible way to do it. What i would also like to see is a Maximum weight. E.g. if the total package weight is over so many kilos, tell the customer that the weight is too much and remove stuff from their order
  13. Tab Permissions

    I LOVE this feature however to me it seems to me to be the wrong way around. I have user's that are in multiple groups, I want the Staff group to be able to see certain tabs, yet the staff exist in other groups that i dont want to have access. I have figured out a way around this, however it would be nice to just be able to select groups that have access rather than groups that don't :)
  14. Daily/Weekly Email digests

    I woudl like to see an option to have the daily digest have all the new topics from all the forums in one email. At the moment the user recieves a daily digest for each forum they are subscribed to, on a site with a lot of forums this could be a lot of emails (currently i get about 6 a day becasue i am subscribed to every forum), this is rather annoying as i only really want one email with everything in it
  15. Watch Everything option

    im just wondering how to do this, there is a group i well the boss wants to make watch every forum oops just realsied this post is in the wrong forum, sorry i just foudn this on a search