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  1. Protected forums display "no posts"

    the first link is not loading...
  2. No response for 3 days

    2 of those days are weekend days, right? Don't expect a response on the weekends.
  3. Extra Pages Content

    This is one of my biggest issues with IPS. I have no idea where to start, even tho I know how powerful it is. I feel completely lost. Powerless. lol And the thing is, it's in their best interest to provide more guidance... For if more people created awesome sites with their software, people would look at those sites and say "oh wow... I want that", and their sales would increase. I would like to see a bunch of working examples. Come on IPS! :)
  4. I think the ability to accept Bitcoin as payment in Nexus should be added. Bitcoin is exploding in price at the moment! I'm not sure how it could be incorporated from a technical standpoint, but it's something that would be awesome, and there is a growing demand, which will only increase in the future. I for one would LOVE to have this.
  5. Regret buying this software

    This sounds like a better solution for you:
  6. htaccess for IPS Forums

    I hadn't applied any optimizations on a brand new install prior to downloading this file. Out of the box, my forum was running painfully slow until I applied this file. Now it's running WAY faster. The difference is night and day. 5 stars, hands down. It just works. Thanks Tarun!
  7. Rhett, do you mind taking a quick look at mine too? Pretty please? :)
  8. Yes, I am enjoying the software as it has amazing potential... Now if we can just get it work Bug reports added to tracker.
  9. Best web hosting

    If they provide the best service, in this case hosting, then they should have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, not everyone wants the type of hosting that IPS offers. ie, Server access, etc.. is important to some admins. It is to me....
  10. Best web hosting

    That's ridiculous.
  11. Streams 4.1

  12. I'm afraid this product just isn't ready yet for prime time (at least not for me)... Too bad because I really like what I see - aside from the bugs that is. The first thing I did was create a new database, and tried adding a record. After I hit submit, I got an error code: Soooooo... Too bad, because I really love this new version and think that IPS hit this one out of the park - aside from the bugs, of course. Is it just me, or are others encountering a LOT of bugs? This just feels like beta software to me.
  13. Mass duplicate content in IPS 4

    I'm about to start a new project that I was planning on doing in 4.1, but this sounds like a pretty serious issue... Any word from the staff about this? Thanks  
  14. A lot of bugs in Internet Explorer browser

     Almost there. IE should be completely gone by 2020:​Soon, my friend. Soon.
  15. Current Install Instructions?

    ​They should direct people to that page when they download the 4.0 RC's. As it currently stands, the link in the client area directs you to the old instructions.After a search, I ended up manually changing folder permissions as per the instructions here: I'm not sure if that's correct, because there is no mention of those specific permission changes in your link, and the installer didn't prompt me to make them.