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  1. A lot of bugs in Internet Explorer browser

     Almost there. IE should be completely gone by 2020:​Soon, my friend. Soon.
  2. Current Install Instructions?

    ​They should direct people to that page when they download the 4.0 RC's. As it currently stands, the link in the client area directs you to the old instructions.After a search, I ended up manually changing folder permissions as per the instructions here: I'm not sure if that's correct, because there is no mention of those specific permission changes in your link, and the installer didn't prompt me to make them. 
  3. Current Install Instructions?

    ​Right. But what about the documentation for people who want to install the betas and RC's?I had to search the forum (to no avail) to find out what folders needed permission changes during 4.0 installation. Only by fluke did I stumble upon the instructions in a completely random thread (while looking for something else) that another user had posted - And I have no idea where he got the instructions from.Not gonna lie, wasting time trying to find basic info like that is a tad bit annoying.
  4. Projects is Back

    Apparently I "like" all of the submitted projects, even though I didn't hit the like button for any of them?Anyone else notice the same?
  5. IPS4 Feature Plan

    Oh wow, that's awesome.  I'm guessing that's a custom script?
  6. IPS4 Feature Plan

    ​If you don't mind my asking... If it's not a carry over from 3.X, how did you manage to get 3 million records into IPS4 so quickly?
  7. What happened with Gallery?

    messed up here too.. FF and chrome
  8. IPB 4 Website gone down

    That fixed it for me!Note to anyone who increased their memory limit in php5.ini, do NOT increase to 256!Set it at 128!
  9. IPB 4 Website gone down

    ​Thanks for the link.I had actually set my memory limit to 256, but the article states to avoid going over 128... Maybe that is the root cause of my issue.Will set it down to 128 and see if it resolves the issue.
  10. IPB 4 Website gone down

    ​Not yet... just on a test install with no members at the moment.I'm getting the memory errors when submitting new articles on the front, and sometimes when creating new categories in the ACP.
  11. EXCITED by 4.0 Content management

    I'm in the same boat as you and the lightbulb went off as I was reading that exact same thread! I was like ahhhh, now I get it!I think the possibilities with IPS4 are endless. This software is KILLER. Totally excited!
  12. IPB 4 Website gone down

    Is anyone else getting memory limit errors? I'm getting them a lot on RC4... Bug reported.
  13. Post count

    ​But what about the issue that esquire raises about photos? I don't consider these to be "posts". How much thought and effort goes into uploading photos? Zero effort. Yet they get credit as "posts" in this new scheme.
  14. Pages Examples?

    ​Very nice job opentype!
  15. IPS4 Feature Plan

    Aaaaaaaaaand it's gone.