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  1. I'm back again everyone. Feels good to be back in business! Whats up you everyone?

  2. Back everyone, How's everyone doing?

    1. Collin S.
    2. Patrick B.

      Patrick B.

      Pretty good. My computer has been messing up a lot but It seems to be good now so now I can get back to making some skins.

  3. Starting to get back into the swing of things. My Halo Reach skin is coming along nicely. Will post a preview when I feel one is due. Meanwhile, check out all of our other skins at IPBSkinzone.

  4. Working on a Halo Reach skin. Love that game.

  5. About to get back to work on this new skin that I've neglected for the past week

  6. Just picked up Halo Reach

    1. xLemur


      What's your XBL GT?

    2. AnthonyKinson


      i grabbed it midnight on monday :-) it's pretty good so far

  7. Making some changes to Element to make it more compatible with IE.

  8. How does Home/Portal-Page work?

    The way to do this is by using IP Content. This is an official IPS addon. It works like a website for your forums and does pretty much everything you've asked about. :thumbsup:
  9. Running a sweet deal over at IPBskinzone. Buy any skin from our store and get one free. Go check it out.

  10. Broke a guitar string :(

    1. .Ian


      I have a spare air guitar string if that helps?

  11. Just purchased IP. Content. :)

  12. Come On BETA 4!!!!

    1. Sokii
    2. Sokii

      Sokii mean Nexus?

    3. Patrick B.
  13. Syphon is back on sale. Order today

    1. Camoo


      Why is there no preview or big image? Why is CleanCut the standard skin of your forum? The little picture of your skin looks good but i want to see more.

    2. Patrick B.

      Patrick B.

      Click the demo link. As for the standard skin, I'm working on one, just taking a while.

    3. PKIDelirium


      It's a nice skin, but I have to say, the sidebar open/close button is awful.