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  1. Similar to how you can set custom meta keywords and description for an IPC page, it would be nice if there was a field to add specific content to add to the HEAD section of the page as well instead of having to use a raw php page. This would be very useful for including all kinds of things you may need for a page such as a stylesheet or CSS only needed for that page, javascript (like for a carousel for example), And I'm sure there are plenty of other use cases where having the ability to add to the head section of the page would be useful.
  2. Disable Birthday Editing on 'My Settings'

    I like the idea of the hook, the problem is when I install it it also hides the "Edit my about me page" button with the birthday.
  3. USPS Shipping Integration

    I can't believe we're still waiting on a USPS integration for Nexus
  4. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration

    Well, it's been a year since FedEx shipping was added to nexus.with the promise of more to come it the future. It sure would be great to see IPS deliver on those. With one API already written, it certainly wouldn't take much work to extend that to other popular carriers like USPS that offer great international shipping options that are easy to use for the small business that doesn't ship enough to get volume discounts from FedEx. Will we ever see a USPS live rate api?
  5. Warning Points - Reverse Action NEEDED

    This is a must have for the warn system.
  6. (IF) Advert Inside First Posts

    I got it working on 3.3.4, however the problem is the hook now affecting the meta description and meta keywords of the page. Any content you have in the advert is also being passed to the meta description and meta keywords for the page as if it was part of the first post content.
  7. Most large sites use a 3rd party ad server. Nexus is great for the ad locations, but having the constant update queries to run the impression counts are extra DB calls that aren't really needed when you're running a 3rd party ad server (or even if running straight adsense ad code). There should be an option for each advertisement to enable/disable impression counting. This would save a whole lot of writes to the database for sites that don't need the impressions counted for them in Nexus. Thanks.
  8. search and archives - say it isnt so

    Being a forum admin of a 10,000,000 post site. The archive in theory is a great idea. However, I have to agree with mikesound on this one. The entire reason big sites run things like sphinx is to keep searching of a large database fast. There is really no reason I can see to not take advantage of the power of sphinx and the archive feature together. Sphinx can eaisly handle a single result across both the live and archive tables. I can't speak to using mysql full text search (since I stopped using that 9 million posts ago). But for a sphinx search setup, it should absolutly search the archive and live posts at the same time. There's just no downside to doing it that way.
  9. The z-index on user menus and hovercards needs to be increased. By default, all rich media ads served by double click (this is what is used for serving rich media adsense ads) have a z-index of either 999999-1000000. See here: http://support.google.com/richmedia/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1249219 Since adsense/double click is the #1 ad network, and the most like ads to be used on a forum, it would be good practice to increase the z-index used in IPB for menu's and hovercards to be higher than than 1,000,000. Yes, I agree that is an insanely high number, but since we can't control what google does, we can at least compensate for it. For example, if you use the standard ad slot on the mobile skin for the top of the page, you can't click the sign-in button on the mobile menu because of the z-index being use by adsense.
  10. Meta tags, key words and stop words

    I can confirm the same issue when quotes are used in the meta description on 3.2.3. First sentance of post: Meta description rendered: <meta name="description" content="I have a "new" 2006 CRF450X that has about a 130 miles on it and i noticed that both of my front forks are bleeding. I also noticed that the suspensi..." /> The strange part, is some topics the meta description will be rendered with actual quotes in the description, and other topics it will correctly reneder with &#34; instead of quotes. Site imported from vbulletin and topics and post rebuild scripts have been run more than one time each.
  11. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Auto-share on posting

    This is a wonderful feature, and one that saves me some work too since it was already on our own internal road map to build. I would like to offer a suggestion since you've already done the heavy lifting. Auto-share on posting is a great place to start, but if a user likes a topic enough to "follow" that topic, that would also be a great place to auto-share. Either as a per-user settings option or through a couple of check-boxes added to the follow notification layer. Auto-like is another great addition. If a user like's a post enough to click "like this", why not also auto-like that post on FB as well. This could be a per user on/off option in the "Manage Facebook" settings page. Any thing you can do to add content sharing directly in the user's normal workflow will only serve to grow your community.
  12. Approve events from ModCP

    As it is right now, you can view un-approved events in the Modcp, but you have to open the even to approve it. It would be nice if you could approve or delete events directly from the modcp as you can with topics and posts.
  13. [REQ] Email bounce management

    There is a plugin for vbulletin 3.X series called vbouncer. It sets a return path for all emails sent out by the forums, then using a cron job checked that email for bounces daily and can take different actions such as turn off all email notifications for a user, or set them back to unconfirmed status depending on the number of bounces received in a specified time period. I've used it for years on many different server configurations, and it really works very well. I would think it can't be that hard to port over to IPB.
  14. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editing Member Improvements

    [quote name='Dylanf' timestamp='1301326613'] [quote name='Maxxius' timestamp='1301317384'] good but theres one thing missing - PRESET WARNING REASONS which you can click on and they are copied into the warn reason text-box.Why? For example in my forum the most common reason for warning people are that they post topics in inappropriate sections and I need to type in each and every time &quot;The topic X was created in a wrong forum&quot;. I wish such a preset reason exist.. [quote name='CycleChat' timestamp='1301315939'] Good stuff. Consolidating it all into one easy-to-find place will certainly help.Are you planning anything for auto-expiring warnings? Whereby admin/mods can issue a warning and have it automatically removed from the warn level after &quot;X No.&quot; of hours/days/weeks/months?Cheers,Shaun :D These two things would be fantastic. Agreed!
  15. Calendar moderator notification

    add another vote for this