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  1. Looking for Admin work on an established forum, I am capable of coding and editing skins which comes as a benefit.

  2. **URGENT** how do i change FTP password?

    1. AnthonyKinson


      if your using cPanel and the root FTP account you will need to change your cPanel password from within cPanel, if your using a seperate FTP account in cPanel then you can click "Manage FTP Accounts" from within cPanel to manage passwords for individual FTP accounts.

  3. ATM i am selling cheap custom skins for about $60 depending on the complexity... drop me a PM if you are interested

    1. SKDown


      can you show as samples of your work

    2. xCurlyx


      yes i wanna see some first but im interested :P

    3. Zhana


      Interested in samples too or a portfolio.