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  1. Questions before I buy

    Do you still have your forum on phpBB, Why don't you just convert to IPB, all your stuff should stay basically the same then :D
  2. Group Color on User Link

    Same, I also experience this bug? Hope it get's fixed soon.
  3. Email from board is considered AS spam

    You need to check if your IP is on a spam blacklist. Use this: http://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
  4. Private community using IP.Board + IP.Content

    You can use the Groups application from rsyarth to do this. I'm not sure about complete private forum per member, I'm sure with some custom code you would be able to accommodate this. Regards, Jamie
  5. (DDK33) Instant Notifications

    [quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1344483966'] Does this put any extra strain on a server? It will do as it will make requests every x amount of seconds. If you see strain add x more seconds to the check
  6. Relationship Status

    Where is my comment that I posted?
  7. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    [quote name='Part' timestamp='1341613355'] Purchased it and 6 hours later he makes it free to the public. :/ But yeah, it's worth $10, I can't see why you've gone free ^_^ Agreed, I'd leave this paid... I just paid last night too :/
  8. iArcade 1.2

    When will this ever get updated?
  9. Wait for IPB 3.2 or start with 3.1?

    I recommend self hosted in my personal opinon so you are not limited. If you need help with set up or other wise give me a shout and I'd be glad to help you and your business out! Regards, Jamie
  10. If I buy IP.Nexus

    I understand, but when the update is released I will be fully switching over.
  11. If I buy IP.Nexus

    Thats great, See I'm hoping to transfer my beta site to replace my main site. *I know its beta, but so what? beta 2 is looking up* but yeah, I'm going to do the database upgrade *on my old database with 3.1) and then replace the database for the new beta site. Will this work or is mod data stored in the database?! Thanks, Regards, Jamie
  12. If I buy IP.Nexus

    Hey guys, If I buy IP.Nexus can I transfer from 3.1 to 3.2 without issue? Regards, Jamie
  13. Sorting out releasing a private beta for the updated version of my site

  14. My Pre-Sale questions

    Hey, I also have a gaming website at http://jrnetwork.net/ I have it powered by Joomla 1.5 and IBP 3.1.4, IP.Content at the current moment isn't the best for a gaming website I have found as I have tested it on numerous occasions and it hasn't done what I have needed it to. Joomla has always done this job pretty reasonably. As for the Gamertage, PSN yes this is possible with the creation of custom profile fields. Paypal will automatically convert it. If you would like help or any other information on IPB, or gaming website formation give me a PM, I would be happy to affiliate with a new gaming website :D Thanks, Jamie