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  1. Two Calendar Requests

    I'd like to bump this one since I understand the next version of the calendar is being written.
  2. Improved Skin Generator

    Peter, I meant that I already have several skins installed. I made some mods to them. I don't want to have to recreate them all just to move the member bar.
  3. Improved Skin Generator

    Cool. I would love to know how to change to this on my current skins. Any chance of publishing that code?
  4. Suggestion: Topic Preview on actual link

    I'm thinking the OP would like that to be part of the core feature set given that the button doesn't function well for the reason he stated. Also, that mod doesn't seem to allow you to preview the first OR last post like the current preview button does.
  5. IP.Chat Completely Unreliable

    Around 11:00 EST, one of my users couldn't see his name in the right side panel of chat. Everyone else could see it. He was getting messages and posting as normal. He was using IE7 (work restriction).
  6. Character Cut-off/Limit?

    Could there be some indication of this on the user side? I mean, I'm sometimes typing away thinking it's all gonna fit. I have no way of knowing unless I count each character.
  7. Character Cut-off/Limit?

    Some of my users are reporting that longer messages in chat seem to be getting cut off? Is there a character limit I don't know about? I couldn't find anything like that in the options.
  8. Is it possible for one user to edit another user's event? I found that this question was asked previously, but that's about it. Being able to register for an event along with a note (like, "will be 10 minutes late") would be ideal.
  9. Two Calendar Requests

    1. There doesn't appear to be anyway to swith the time to a 12 hour format w/ AM and PM instead of the 24 hour one on events. The former is much more intuitive for most of my members. 2. It doesn't seem like you can specify an event end time. This seems like a typical feature on other calendars.
  10. Mark As Away

    I know my users would find it useful to be able to mark themselves as "away" while in chat.
  11. Furl in chat

  12. Time announcements

    I just came into the format to request this feature. I have a lot of people that have to jump AFK while in chat and they like being able to get a sense of things when they come back. Great product overall though!
  13. Global Forum Message

  14. Member Map