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  1. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?
  2. Please, Make the Reputation System stand out!

    Glad you agree with 1 of 3. As for... 2) A few days after starting this thread someone thankfully created this: http://community.inv...utation-points/ :tongue: 3) As for rep being next to post count, mine looks like this: I've had it like this since December last year after posting this and not only has it helped to increase the usage of reputation system but the overall quality of posts have GREATLY increased! Members seem to realize that posting is about quality and not quantity.
  3. Please, Make the Reputation System stand out!

    Still can't sort member list by "Top reputation"!!!!! :angry: Only by top post count. Who cares about the post whores...
  4. Instant Notification Floods Followers

    BUMP +1 for OP
  5. Compress and combine files for performance

    You don't have to put "everything" into ONE file. Anyway I don't have the time to walk through this. I figure you guys will eventually get there... someday. For now I'll be working on setting up our own custom solution that avoids bugs with certain pages. Probably I'm just way to obsessed with performance and I'm certain I don't represent the avg IPB client anyway. Thanks for your consideration and for this great forum solution.
  6. Compress and combine files for performance

    Or researched even more aggressively. But ok either way.
  7. Compress and combine files for performance

    bump. js and css is still clumsy in 3.2
  8. Hot chicks

    Take away everything they've had "done" including makup and they are dirt ugly. Too fake..
  9. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup

    God with the 100's of changes i've made to 3.2.3 including SEO tweaks. I'm not looking forward to upgrading lol
  10. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites?

    This is a useful IPB list. I've been able to gather useful info from many of the sites listed here and make tweaks and changes to our IPB site accordingly. Also, encouraging to see that IP.Board 3.3 will address my concerns here:
  11. Members Online Today

    This work well.
  12. Where are the large IPB 3.x + websites? They switched to vbulletin. :smile:
  13. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: A few more SEO tweaks

    Finally you guys will kick azz with these changes that focus on SEO and growing/larger boards. Still disappointed I can't join the team but oh well. No matter how great IPB in "general", it would never get pickup or noticed if communities on IPB find it harder to grow than when using other more SEO friendly forum softwares out there. THANK YOU!
  14. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Reputation Enhancements

    thanks for listening. :) Its a good start