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  1. How are we to support podcast on IPB? Is there a seamless integration with iTunes RSS?
  2. In the Admin CP, under Recount & Rebuild Manager, it'll be helpful if we have an option to RESET all user's REPUTATION POINTS instead of going through SQL query. Please consider adding this feature to the next release :)
  3. Right now there is no way for moderators or admin to recover accidental deleted blog entries. Just like how forums have a graveyard storage, we need a blog graveyard place that keeps reference of every deleted blog entries. Otherwise we run into issues of mods accidentally deleting instead of editing, or members accidentally deleting instead of publishing, etc and etc. Please get this feature in as soon as possible :)
  4. Right now, admin and mods can only delete or lock status updates posts. We need the feature to also be able to EDIT it. Many times, members put up legitimate status updates, but sometimes they mix it along with self promotional ads or bad words. There are many times we don't want to remove - a simple editing option would solve the problem. We can edit posts and blog comments, why can't be edit status updates? For bad words, we tried to add the bad word to the filter list, but because it was added AFTER the status update, it didn't do anything. It'll be nice to at least have a status filter refresh so bad words can at least be applied.
  5. We have graveyard acting like a recycle bin to store forum posts when its deleted. How come we don't have it for blogs? Like if a member accidentally deletes a blog, there should be a place to go find it and restore it. Please consider adding this feature. We have a lot of content and blog contribution from members, and in case they delete it, we have no way of retrieving it at this time.
  6. Reputation posts

    Sorry for double post, but I also want to add which forums can or can't receive reputation. Think this will be helpful to restrict reputation abuse especially if you reward members with higher reputations.
  7. Reputation posts

    It'll be nice if members can at least see which posts got them reputation points even if they can't view who rated them. Another suggestion I have is to let older posts not be able to get reputation points. Right now, I can go back a year and give reps to really old threads. There should be a feature to let Admin set a number of days for posts from receiving reputation points. So for example, posts older than 30 days no longer can receive reputation points.
  8. Image Resizing

    It would also be nice if there's an image editing tool within IP Gallery where moderators can edit a large image and have the ability to RESIZE it and save it. Fixing a maximum image size input is nice, but in case we need to set selective images to be smaller, an image resizing option would be helpful.
  9. Unify Avatars and User Photos

    I would also like to request at least the OPTION for admin to set Avatars as the default member's image across the board: Forums, blogs, chatbox, etc. You don't have to eliminate Member Photo - that can still be there, but when they comment on Blogs, Gallery, Forums, Chatbox, use avatars so in case members don't upload a photo, they don't come up as an empty person face.
  10. Reputation Points

    I would like to suggest the ability for ADMINs to RESET every member's reputation points across the board. Right now, there is only a way to reset reputation points one member at a time. I would like to have the flexibility to RESET every member's reputation points at one time whenever the admin feels a need to. Please advise.