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  1. Newsletters

      Agreed...bounce management is the biggest issue in sending our bulk mails.  I'd be all over this if it could handle bounces.  I would recommend this logic:  If they have no posts and haven't purchased anything from your store, simply delete them.  If they've posted or purchased and then bounced, flag them in a report for review.
  2. Please, Make the Reputation System stand out!

    I love the sound of what you've done with the rep system. Can you share the details of how to implement? I'm running the latest ipb version.
  3. CKEditor in IP.Content

    Yes, right on the money. I've been preaching this for a while now.
  4. Yep, I've recently run across this too while trying to set up Google Currents. Really needs fixed.
  5. Blog export

    The RSS feed in the blog really needs some flexibility. I have no way to generate a RSS feed that includes the blog entries in their entirety. The IP.Content RSS generator does this, but not the one for the blogs nor the forum postings. Can't we just be allowed to specify the truncate value (or none at all) for the RSS feeds?
  6. ip.content and phones

    I'll ring in here. Where is the IP.Content mobile support?
  7. Mobile skin needs some improvement

    Hopefully a IP.Content mobile skin is as well.
  8. Request for a Comp Feature

    One way of doing this is to generate the invoice with the package and then add a Misc. charge with a negative amount equal to the sell price of the package. That zeros out the invoice. A little clumsy, but it works.
  9. Request for a Comp Feature

    I'm sure that many folks are migrating from one store software package into Nexus (versus starting new with Nexus). In this case, I need a way to import my old store customers and give them free access to the files that they purchased previously without messing up the sales totals for that month. Essentially, I'm looking for a "grant free access" feature on a per user basis and per package basis. Has anyone figured a way around this? I know that we can simply generate an invoice, but that registers as a sale as well. There's no way to zero out the amount.
  10. Users Forum Posts in My Media Button

    Yes, even if you could search for your own topics from within the "My Media" button while composing a new topic....that would indeed be nice. Versus, new tab or browser window...go find my post I want to reference, grab the link.
  11. Wouldn't it be nice to include a user's list of forum posts to the "My Media" button for easy reference to questions that they've answered before? Seems like a natural fit for the purpose of the "My Media" button.
  12. Enabling CK Editor Features

    Matt, I'm not sure I understand this part. I use CSS to style tables inserted with HTML in IP.Content. Wouldn't the CKEditor just generate the HTML for me? I can style the table via CSS. I tend to work more in HTML mode, so if I can activate tables and have it work.....please tell me how. Did you see my topic in the first post? What am I missing?
  13. Enabling CK Editor Features

    I want to post a link to a discussion in hopes that one of the developers will take this on: We've got a full featured editor available in IPB....but we'd like to be able to enable some advanced features while keeping the IPB modifications. Anyone solved this yet? Anyone willing to take this on? You can see what we've done and I think that we're close. We just need some help getting over the hump. Thanks, Chris
  14. [REQ] Email bounce management

    Brandon, As IPS has become software that folks can use to run their entire website (like I'll be doing), I think that this issue is becoming more and more important. I've been processing bouncing emails manually for some time using an excel spreadsheet to build SQL to remove the users from the two tables where the member data is stored. I used to use a script called ListMail Pro which was really good. It had the user set up an email account to receive bounces and then the bounces were processed via cron daily. I know that this issue has come up several times and I think that it's likely to continue. With the text editor being upgraded in 3.2, my climbing up the IP.Content learning curve, and getting IP.Downloads set up, this is really the last major piece of the puzzle in making IPS a great product to manage an entire website. Like IPS did with the text editor, is there a third party solution that could be made to bolt onto IPS?
  15. Emailed Attachments

    I've been thinking for some time about any way to make it easier for my forum members to get drawings and photos attached to posts. Now, with most people having a smartphone, wouldn't it be cool if people could snap a picture of a sketch or anything else and easily attach it to their posts? I love the way I can take a photo on my phone and email it to Picasa for example. Is there a reasonable way to implement something like this? It seems complicated for a system installed on many different servers (every member would have to have a custom email address that piped to a IP php script?) Seems like as long as the attachments have to obey the allowed attachments rules, any security risks could be managed well enough. I really wouldn't want the attachments hosted somewhere else with link though...I don't want to be managing broken links forever. Thoughts?