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  1. Securing your community

    This is a great blog, for the past week, my site has been hacked twice.  The first time I realized I did not harden my sever enough.  I spent a lot of time hardening apache, using iptables, changing ssh port, blocking mysql port and so on.   I thought I did a great job and then yesterday server got hacked again.  Luckily I had a backup of my entire /var/www/html and restored it and everything was fine.  I really do not know what the hacker is doing, except breaking the site where i get no access to the admin panel, and anyone who tried to login would get a white screen.  I think the attacker was dropping some sort of php files and it cause the site to break.     I tried to install mod_security and seem to work but when I applied ModSecurity Core Rule Set, my site went down, could not do anything.  I had to disable.  Does anyone have a good set of rules specifically that will work with IP board?     Also does anyone know is php 5.4 more secure then 5.3.18?  If so will it work fine with ipboard 3.3.4?  Also is apahce 2.4 more secure then 2.2.15?  What about nginx vs apache in terms of security?     Thanks
  2. IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Fraud Rules

    This is amazing, thank you! I have recently lost over $200 because of paypal problems and disputes where the users make up lots of lies. But every time it's because of new members or fake accounts. This will solve all my problems!
  3. Why do people love to hate Apple?

    They don't own one. If you buy one, you'll like it. You know you paid more for it, but in the end you're satisfied with the product and price. They are in no way an inferior product.
  4. im a customer, but not shown on forums..

    If you got the confirmation email saying your payment was accepted, then you need to log out of the forums and back in, then everything will update.
  5. Why isn't Beta 3 out yet? (wanting beta 2 is too mainstream)

    1. AndyF


      Beta 3 is not out for the same reason 3.3 is not out, they don't exist yet.

    2. Breadfan


      I don't think we'll be seeing Beta3.. ;)

  6. 3.2 - Shut Up and Take My Money!

    1. nitt
    2. Aisha


  7. So frustrated and upset with ip.Board

    Alright, my huge bias towards IPB aside, ip.content lacks the proper documentation for beginner to intermediate users. But you are really exaggerating the problem. There is nothing wrong with all the other ip products because most are easy to use and have enough documentation, it's just ip.content. Maybe you should add in this topic what exactly you need help with ip.content? Setting up a homepage is rather easy, you just upload 2 files into the home of your site and create an article. (this is dumbed down because I actually forget how I did it :P) Anyways, I will say it took me a while to just figure that out. So what I'm saying is, just calm down, relax, take a deep breath and separate your problem from your rant. With all this said.. I still can't find out how to add a <title> to the frontpage and it's driving me crazy. I know it's something ridiculously simple.. I just can't find it.
  8. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    No it's not the only way. You don't seem to know what a parked domain is? Here's a guide: ps. splitting your website into two domains like the way your thinking of will just hurt your SEO.
  9. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    You should only be using one domain for your forum. Any extra domains you want to use for your website for SEO you should park on the correct folder. That will make both domains work and give the effect you want, but your ip.board and content will only be on one domain.
  10. *crying tears of joy*

  11. *logs in* Is IPB 3.2 out yet? / no? *cries* *logs out*

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    2. ᴡᴅツ


      Probably before Fall

    3. Breadfan


      Full release maybe, but there's no doubt in my mind we'll be seeing betas a lot sooner..say, july at latest.

    4. TheRevTastic


      We already are seeing betas, the preview is beta 1.

  12. Anyone do PSD to IPB skinning? Or know anyone that does for a REASONABLE price.

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    2. Olivier Turbis
    3. Andrej


      I strongly recommend or

    4. Eduardo Bautista

      Eduardo Bautista is a good choice imo

  13. Hey invision, I'm giving you to the count of 3 to release IPB 3.2! 3.... 2....

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    2. Herofiles ★
    3. co19


      @cdkey, count OF 3. I could go 7...6...5! if I wanted to. Either way, you got the point. troll.

    4. Nityananda


      Oooo touchy LOL

  14. A credits system to earn more money

    Ah, I just assumed you were going to use what invision already built into (eg. a commission system). But adding a withdrawal fee is a good idea and should be easy to implement, along with the option to buy "credits". Then it will be what you want, wouldn't it? Since all the other things you listed are already features in
  15. A credits system to earn more money

    Ah so you're going to charge people extra to buy credits and take out their money? That doesn't exactly sound like the best sales strategy, but if it works for you then fine. Generally you charge the seller commission per transaction, not the buyer when he puts in money. They're similar though, so it doesn't really matter, just my way would make the buyers feel less ripped off, and the sellers would expect some fee for selling their stuff. Anyways, still would be a good system that I would like for my site because it would bring in more revenue.