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  1. About IP Nexus

    You can also request a demo here, which includes all apps: https://www.invisionpower.com/demo
  2. Pages, Gallery and Core without Forums?

    It is possible in 4.0.
  3. constant notification reminder in firefox

    Click the small dropdown next to Show for this session and it will give you the option to always block. http://screencast.com/t/pubbE4z9uh
  4. [] Moderators cannot edit topics

    There is an issue in where-by moderators editing a forum topic could result in an EX2 error, if they did not have "lock" permissions on content. To fix this, simply upload the attached file to /applications/forums/modules/front/forums/topic.php topic.php
  5. I strongly dislike the activity stream

    No, there is a switch on the top-right. http://screencast.com/t/nBjSLAVynP
  6. There is an issue where-by if all pre-installed, or pre-upgrade, emoticons are removed from the system, then it is impossible to add new one. This is a bug that has been corrected for the next version.To fix this for your site, download the attached file and then upload it too: /applications/core/modules/admin/editor/ emoticons.php emoticons.php
  7. Yes, in IPS4, if there is only one category and one child forum of that category, then the forums index will automatically switch to the topic listing for that forum.A demo should show this in action.
  8. There is an issue in 4.0.13 where-by advertisements may not show if they are using a custom file storage configuration different from the normal "Uploads" directory. To fix this, simply upload the attached file to /system/Output/Plugins/ File.phpOnce uploaded, navigate to your Admin CP > System > Support and run the Support Tool (while selecting "Something isn't working correctly.") until it clears all caches.File.php
  9. please, reorder category for ips4

    You can post it in the regular Product Feedback forum here: https://community.invisionpower.com/forum/481-product-feedback/
  10. Importing topis and posts

    Yes, the Suite can import an RSS Feed, and then will generate topics based on individual entries in that feed that your members can post in.
  11. Facebook registration notification

    Yes, that would be a bug.
  12. Impressed with the gallery

    Users can elect to not display that information if they don't want too.
  13. Clan roster creation

    I was hoping I would get to see some alternative uses for that page. Nicely done.  
  14. I did not check to see if the div version of CKEditor was affected - I was just commenting on why the current one does what it does.  
  15. Marcher is correct, it all depends on what the browser determines as "editable." This may differ between the two versions and even between browsers, but is not specific to our software. The CKEditor demo also does it, if you clear it out completely.