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  1. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Incoming Emails [Updated]

    The link to the tutorial: not work anymore:The server made a boo boo.
  2. "Confirm My Order" Suggestion (Important)

    This is exactly the problem I am having now with some of my customer. If they click 'confirm my order' before the green loading box at the top of the page completes they are getting errors.
  3. Mailchimp feature, please ....!

    Yes please
  4. [extract] Needs more notice

    I think I found the reason why my extract stopped working:
  5. [extract] Needs more notice

    Not sure what has happened, but extract is not working on my site either.
  6. Chargebacks & (Better) Paypal Transaction ID Support

    Agreed this is needed
  7. Random Items - Sidebar

    +1 as well
  8. Rich Text Editor in Nexus Descriptions

    This is a very good idea
  9. payment gateways?

    Yes definitely Google checkout
  10. Invision skins

    Thanks mate thats what i needed to know ;)
  11. Invision skins

    I am currently a vBulletin skin designer but i have been asked alot to port my skins to Invision. To create Invision skins do i need all the modules or just the main $150USD package?