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  1. cant sleep, good time to test the 3.2 beta ;-)

  2. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    Its the answer i want to read. The Board and Content just run on the same server. Thank you very much!
  3. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    i just want to use 2 domains because the forum can be used standalone without mainpage and brings me a lot of new users from google and co. - most of this users search for: name + forum and find it on the top of page 1 Its like a Partnership, and i know parked domains - but its not this what i want Its right that i can use the ip.board (+ip.content) just for ONE domain?
  4. Forum + Content = 2 Domains

    ok, thats not what i want. Wordpress + ip.board is the only way i think, thank you for answer so fast.
  5. hej, i use 2 domains for my project, <--- mainpage (articles, pages, media, guides etc.) <--- the forum for this page, just another domain for better seo Today i use wordpress for the mainpage and the good old woltlab for the forum, but im working on a relaunch with new design, new domain for the mainpage and i think its better when i use ip.content for the mainpage to give a better bridge between the mainpage and the forum. can i do this with one license? i have just an ip.board license right now, and i want to buy a ip.content licence to do this, but i dont found any information about 2 domains. hope you understand what i mean, my english is terrible :geek: and a second question: how expensive it is to extend both licenses ? Just one time $25 like the Forum License or 2 x $25 ?
  6. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: UserCP and Misc. Interface Updates

    i i want i want it i want it NOW! 3.2 just looks awesome, cant wait for it... please send me a beta :P
  7. Enjoying an ice cold red bull.

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      spare me one!