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  1. Need more Ad placement control:

    Heh.....I made this post in Jan. I also find sites wishing to have ssl have a problem. Most of us run at least some google ads to cover the bills. Well you can't have a footer google ad running on the log in page for it to be secured......Nore can you run it in the Nexus for the checkout. These 2 items alone render the footer position useless for the whole skin simply because you can run them on these few pages. We need the ability to place urls where ads "WILL NOT SHOW" since I would have to believe most of us could easier manage the few pages we don't want ads on (For ssl say) and the foot can run everywhere else not listed. The same would hold true for the header advert on the front page of IP Content. If we could input our url that disallows a certain page all would be fine. Please hear us IPB
  2. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    There are some real great sites being shown. I've thought about posting our site for a wile, but the content might be considered adult (there is no nudity or foul language allowed) so I wasn't sure. I'll let the IPB staff make that determination. We're a patient advocacy organization for the medical use of cannabis. We provide a hub for the states compassion clubs to reach users state wide, and is the base for communicating with Michigan residence the political climate, concerns and actions of our president attorney Michael Komorn and CCO Joe Cain. In the time we've used the IPB suite of products, we've noticed a sizable increase in our sites search rankings as well as membership. Our site, with over 20,000 members in two years time, now edges out established giants in the MMJ community like MiNorml and the ASA, and we really owe a lot of that to IPB. We use a slightly modded Skinbox theme.
  3. Need more Ad placement control:

    I have IPNexus and the ad placement is unsatisfactory. There is no way currently to show ads on every place except the index you use for iPContent. This is all controlled by nexus, hence my posting in this area. Thanks for the attempt to help, but I think you've misunderstood. Best
  4. Need more Ad placement control:

    At the moment you can pick "global", or board index, topic index etc. But this isn't much control. Like our site, the global header I'd like to have on everything but the main page which for us is IP.Content. It's hard to design a page around that ad that would push everything down. So were forced to only allow these on the index and topics. It would just help if maybe the choices were like blog, members, forum, etc where we could disallow say for ipcontent giving you the ability to design a front page using a global skin that didn't include the header advertising. I hope what I mean is understood here. Best
  5. Well exactly what the the title describes. Sadly we've experienced a rogue moderator, and without logs telling what post got edited like it would if they edited a title, it's a little hard to pin down and prove. Or we need the ability to force the "edited by" legend on to even super moderators. Or we need the ability to allow those not in the super moderator group to not just delete individual post, but topics. There seems to be a number of ways to get this action accomplished, and maybe even better options then I've stated here. In the end we just need the accountability. So for one in one of the next updates I think we need to put any post editing in the logs. Thanks for reading.
  6. IP.Gallery Version 3.2.2 Not liking it. When you looking at an album and click an image in the photo strip, why have the page resolve scrolled down to the photo strip. No reason it should not resolve at the top of the page....or in worst case, the image the user has clicked....but not the photo strip. Looks sloppy. Best
  7. Hello, First off I want to say I love this IPB software. It's been great for our community. When adapting to the ccs' new "promote to article" system we all ready had a ton of content. Probably in the neighborhood of 300 or more pages that used the old static content system. Making changes to the site a new set of templates was derived from the original to house all the old stuff. This has ended up being a being a nightmare having to visit each page, go through the five step process, and finally have the correct templates showing. Many times, the way I had it divided, whole folders will use what I deemed and "Article Tempate". If there was some way to change the templates from the page editing selection page, maybe similar to what I show below in an image this would really help out those of us with really content rich sites. We should have a way to select one or all of the pages, and be able to select a template. This, I'm sure, would save some users mass time when moving from one template to another." alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="593"> Thank you for your time.
  8. I've only been able to find a few threads that have anything to do with profile customizations, so if this is being repeated I apologize in advance. Tiling an image is fine for some people, but some people like to do full out profile bg's. Because of all the screen resolution differences it is pretty hard pressed to make a great looking profile bg without the ability to center the image. Much like the YouTube (and other) profiles choices, we really need the ability to center say a 1800x1000 image which would cover most resolutions but keeping our bg design in place. Now I wasn't making multiple accounts to be a pain, but this old account prior to our license change of ownership shows what I'm talking about. If this bg was centered it would of looked fine (or at least I could of adjusted it to be perfect: It needed to be wider and such but was more of a test)My Old IPB Account Best